Story sex in English on the beach

I’ve told you how BBW (aka. Beatrice, aka. Bibs,) entered my life, bringing with her joy and happiness, and lots and lots of sex.
Well, the winter came in and I felt that we need some respite from the biting cold of Chicago, so I have shut down my business for a month of a warm vacation in Florida. Story sex in English
We went to the beach the day after we had arrived. Bibs wore an astonishing two part swimming suit, yellow with some green pictures I think, but who could have really noticed the swimming suit? She was WOW! What a knockout! Her glorious boobs almost spilled over the edges of her top and it was so taut that it was a wonder it didn’t burst. And all the rest of her bod! Wow, the soft belly that rippled when she moved or laughed and she giggled a lot!- and the wide promising expanse of her hips… I just couldn’t keep my hands off her.
But Bibs went shy on me! Although we had settled down far from other vacationers, at least some fifty yards, she was reluctant to let me fondle her. She barely let me kiss her, complaining that people were watching and that she was uncomfortable with it, and to please stop it and so on. In the end, she even pushed me away from her lips, which I used to kiss and savor her tits before she hastily pushed my face away and let me just rest my head on her lap.
Her quiet moans and sighs though, signaled me that she was responding too, as indeed was confirmed by the distinct aroma of sex that rose from her crotch. I did let my finger wander up on her thighs caressing and probing while gently kissing her knees, going up and up. She moaned softly, spreading her locked thighs ever so slightly and I kept kissing and caressing higher and higher until I landed at the pearly gates themselves.
Bibs’ thighs were now spread out and a dark, wet spot on her swimming trunks showed that she was very hot herself now, as did also her now quite audible moans. As for my state, well, as you can imagine, I was all erect and taut, all the nine inches hot and ready for action, threatening to rip my swimming trunks off.
In between her lustful moans, Bibs kept pleading, “No, not now… not here… please… people are watching, please don’t!” but her body spoke otherwise. And then, suddenly, she yanked my head away, rose and ran over to the water, with me following her.
The cool splashing water did cool me a bit, as it did cool her. Story sex in English She splashed me saying that I needed to cool off, but she didnt object very much my kissing her. I guess it was the water that has partially covered us, but she didn’t object also when I fondled her beautiful mounds, freeing them from the tight confine. Bibs just moaned when I rolled her erect, big nipple and nibbled on the other and her hand went exploring my crotch, caressing and rubbing my erect tool.
My dick freed itself from the swimming trunks. It envied my mouth, or something and I knew that I wanted to fuck those inviting mounds so I let myself float on my back, and pulling myself in I straddled Bibs’ chest, pulling her top off. My dick burrowed between those two white mounds, Oh how can I describe the feeling!? I was floating on cloud nine, my dick buried to the balls in soft warm bliss while it’s mushroom glans was being sucked by BBW’s hot eager lips.
I felt in heaven-and I told her so: “OH, I’m in heaven even before death!” Story sex in English I exclaimed, fucking and humping as I could while floating, pulling her torso towards me by my legs for support.
Bibs must have lost her footing, since she was now floating along me. Leaving my dick, she floated on her back to my chest and said that it made her horny and that she wanted me to suck her too. I complied eagerly. Pulling her bottoms down, I started licking and munching her now inflamed cunt lips. The salty taste of the water added a strange, not unpleasant flavor to the so familiar flavor of Bibs’ juices.
I licked and sucked and nibbled, driving Bibs, and myself nearly to orgasm. By then I have pushed her to shallow water, where she was lying on the wet sand, lapped now and then by the waves, with me following her on my fours. Having lost the bottoms of her swimming suit somewhere, her legs were now wrapped around my hips, her heels digging into my buttocks and pulling me in…
I let a wave carry me in and I hammer into her open, inviting vagina. I fuck and hump her, biting her huge boobs, munching and licking her bloated nipples. Bibs is thrashing and heaving against me, arching her back, pulling me powerfully in by her strong thighs. Her moans turning louder and louder, she pleads with me to fuck her deep, deeper! Story sex in English And I do, until she screams and her spasming cunt milks my cock with small staccato squeezes, and I come with a big jet inside her roaring and yelling. What a fuck!
“Look what you have made me do!” complained Bibs later when she has caught her breath again. “You made me fuck here in front of everybody like some cheap whore!”
“Relax dear,” I comforted her-“nobody noticed, we are too far away, and besides there is nothing cheap about you…” Well, we were both naked now, having lost our bathing suits in the heat of sex, so Bibs sent me to bring her a towel to wrap herself and we returned to our place. On my way I’ve noticed some of the pairs’ eyes were following us, but I didn’t tell Bibs. Somehow it made me even hornier..
Knowing that the first orgasm usually makes BBW hungry for more, I started caressing and kneading her glorious breasts as soon as she lied down. Bibs did object, at least in words, but I knew well from her body response that she was as hot as could be.
I squeezed her heavy, supple mounds in my hands, rolling her erect and hard nipples, and munched the ever so sexy fat folds of her abdomen.
In midst of her excited sighs and moans, Bibs was pleading with me to stop, “No, please not here! Everybody are watching! Please! OOHH!” The OH being her moan as I sent my other hand between her spread thighs and inserted my finger deep into her cunt. Bibs jerked and heaved, but she still pleaded, “No, please not in front… AAHH, not in front of them, look they are watching us!”
“Let them,” I said. “Didn’t you notice how green they are? That’s envy! Let them watch and eat their hearts out!” I don’t know if it were my words or my exploring digit, but Bibs spread her thighs letting me crawl in between them. She raised her legs high in the air when my cock slammed into her dripping cunt, burying itself up to the balls.
Mewling and wailing like some wild animal, Bibs arches her back and starts hammering my butt with her bare heels. And now she humps and fucks against me, her body arched back, leaning only on the back of her head, her vagina contracting and spasming over my deeply buried cock, and she screams…and slumps.
Well, I haven’t come yet, I haven’t produced yet enough spunk in my balls since our first fuck, but I roll off her, hoping for continuation, because when BBW gets hot she gets HOT! She has to have at least three orgasms in a row. Story sex in English And she was HOT now! Indeed, within seconds, she rolled on me covering my body with hers she started kissing my face. Her hot, wet cunt sliding on my stiff cock ground the bloated clit against my hot, hard rod. Bibs’ ass was now rotating with small sexy rolls, heaving little heaves, while her mouth was busily nibbling my chest.
Gradually Bibs crawled higher up on my prostate body, her lips closed on mine and she drove her soft, tasty tongue deep into my throat while adjusting my cock between the spread, hot lips of her cunt and she heaves! And she fucks! And she is hammering herself over my stretched cock and I jerk with her in unison.
“OH! FUCK MEEE! Fuck me hard!” she screams, rising her upper body for the added moment she fucks and rides me with me just jerkin under her.
Her vagina is gripping my cock in a hot, wet, velvety vice sliding up and down furiously. She rides and rides me, her ass rising and falling in a full gallop, yelling war cries like some injun rider in a bad western, her hair flying all around and her huge tits bouncing and quivering at the end of each hop. I buckle under her and jerk and arch, and so we hop and skip to our mutual heaven. Story sex in English
After gathering our breath again, we have left the beach to continue our bliss in our motel room. On our way I noticed several pairs, deep in the trance of imitating our performance. I hope it was our example that kindled their fire… Anyway, Bibs noticed too, and didn’t object anymore to sex in the open. But we didn’t fuck on the beaches many times – Bibs said that the sand was scratching her cunt, and she was afraid of an inflammation.

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