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Short fuck stories girls walked off roaring with laughter…
Tommy was 18 years of age and NEVER, EVER had he met a pair like the Driver sisters. He checked the latch on the screen door to make sure it was secure. As he went back to his cold beans and toast in the kitchen, he wondered what kind of a fucked up family they belonged to.
Where did they get their daring, their boldness to front strangers like him from out of the blue and act in this way? What kind of a father did they have? How deranged was their mother? Were they living off the streets? Their perversity was collosal! The question that now entered his mind was what would the consequences be if he didn’t meet them down at the Point? Judging by their sudden arrival, anything could happen, all options were open and he didn’t have an imagination dark and perverted enough to predict what these twisted fuck-ups could do next. Short fuck stories
Fuck, what to do? What to do?
He began to feel anxious, yet at the same time he began to feel this intense buzz of pleasure, of desire. His cock began to stir as a cocktail of masochism and perversion began to stain his once-innocent brain. Thoughts of being at the hands of domineering females whose dark desires were immeasurable and unfathomable arrived with invigorating intensity. He knew that they could take him on sensual adventures that he may never return from. If he decided to meet them, would he survive? If he decided not to, equally would he survive? And this pair were sisters too!
Their verbal behaviour was already bordering on incest, what the hell else had they committed to other poor bastards up until now? He imagined a whole trail of male victims in their chaotic wake of debauchery and hedonism. He’d never met girls as open with their sexuality as the Driver sisters and as direct and predatorial to the opposite sex as they were to him. Their blood was 100% Pure Vixen. A publisher would pop a testicle if he ever got his dirty fingers on diaries about what they got up to.
Tommy looked at the clock in the kitchen. The time was now 4.30pm. His mind was buzzing. Should he jerk-off before meeting them? He would probably be calmer, more in control if he did. He began to get changed into his swimming trunks. Pre-come was already oozing out of his dick and into his pants.
This was too much. Short fuck stories Tommy went into the toilet, closed the door, locked it, and within five minutes blew a thick load into the toilet. His tension dissipated with the sound of flushing water. He felt more at ease. His legs were shaking less now as he slipped each foot through the holes in his trunks. He felt exhausted just from the events after school. He still had to finish a major essay on the New Zealand poet, James K. Baxter.
Only just yesterday had he read the introduction to the author’s work, where the editor had included a quote from James’ mother warning him about the promiscuous girls that he was going to meet at college. Tommy laughed when he discovered that James looked hard for that type of girl, but never found one.
He thought it had rung so true about the girls of his age, and felt as frustrated as the poet at not meeting somebody like this. And now? Now, his experience this afternoon had completely blown this idea apart. There were girls out there like this. Seemingly rare, but they existed. Real Vixens, the stuff of wet dreams that pulled boys into manhood.
Tommy locked the front door of the house and let the screen door close by itself. He took a beach towel with him just in case the sisters didn’t turn up…
el mokaour = the ‘bottomless’
Tommy reached Rock Point a little after five and it was beginning to get dark. Short fuck stories He found the drain pipe after a few minutes of searching, but there was nobody around. He sat at the entrance of the chest-high pipe and peered inside. There hadn’t been rain in weeks and so the pipe was dry, even at the entrance. He waited for twenty minutes before he began to grow restless and even a little disappointed. Well, at least he’d turned up he thought when he stood up, patted the sand from his trunks and decided he should start for home.
He turned around and looked back into the pipe. He’d heard the faint voices of the two sisters.
Tommy hesitated and then bent forward to walk into the drain. His body blocked out much of the external light and made it difficult to see as he walked further in. With his arms out in front of him he kept moving forward, only making brief pauses to check his progress from behind. Gradually the lit entrance to the drain grew smaller and smaller as he moved deeper into the pipe. ‘Where are you?’
‘You’re very close’ came the echoing voice of Vicky. ‘Just a few more steps.’
Tommy walked a few more steps and paused.
‘Just wait there!’
He heard the sounds of footsteps slowly approach him. Short fuck stories A hand firmly grabbed his and slowly guided him a few steps further. He felt the hand move towards his trunks. Tommy strained to see but he couldn’t. He didn’t stop the hand as it now began to rub against his crotch. His heart began to race as he felt fingers probe the thin lycra material.
‘What’s he like?’ whispered Vicky, whose voice appeared beneath him.
‘Mmmmm…just like you thought!’ Carla murmured softly. Her fingers now detecting a stirring beneath.
Tommy felt Carla’s hands slowly pull his trunks down to his ankles before a steady hand guided him into her mouth. Half-bent in the pipe, he felt her tongue swirl around his dick, the sensations of her mouth began to make him hard. The sounds of his cock being sucked echoed throughout the tunnel and he began to detect the restlessness of Vicky who appeared to be just ahead of Carla. Had it not been so dark, he would have seen Vicky naked on the floor of the pipe, squeezing her nipples and rubbing her moistening slit.
‘Now!’ She gasped.
Tommy’s dick flew out of Carla’s mouth. Standing, she beckoned him forward and then stepped behind him. Grasping both his arms behind, Carla bent him over towards her sister. Vicky’s feet held Tommy’s thighs as he leaned towards her. He began to grow shaky as she lifted him just above her.
‘What are you doing?’
‘Just relax!’ Vicky purred. We won’t hurt you!’
Vicky lowered him towards her. He felt her hand around his shaft and something tight being worked down to his balls. Before he could make a noise, Vicky had guided him into her pussy. Short fuck stories The warm sensation, coupled with the moans of the woman beneath him, made him relax and unprepared for the cufflinks that Carla had now put around his hands. Vicky kept lowering Tommy towards her with her legs, dipping his cock in and out of her pussy.
Tommy began to feel a hoop constrict around his balls as Vicky brought his face to her large, pale breasts. She held him fast as she began to increase the speed of his thrusting.
He began to find it difficult to breathe between Vicky’s breasts…
Night Gift
Some weeks later, whilst lying in her bed late at night, Vicky shifted restlessly in her sleep. Slowly she reached under her pillow and brought something to her mouth. She began to lick the object cupped in her hands. Her tongue traced the wetness of desire all over the leathery surface, the sweet protrusions, the hours of pleasure that awaited her body.
In the darkness she moved the object to her breasts and brushed it over her nipples, the coarse surface making her body tingle and shudder.
‘Do you feel me now?’ she shuddered.
Vicky introduced the object to her stomach and round thighs, tracing routes across her soft curves and pale skin, returning it once more to her large breasts whilst she rubbed her warm cunt-lips. Short fuck stories Just by brushing her nipples with the object made them stir and stiffen with desire.
‘Do you see me now?’ she whispered short of breath as she parted her thighs.
Guided by her hand, the object crossed her belly and brushed her pubic hair before making its sweet descent to her entrance.
‘Can you smell me now?’
Vicky moaned as she massaged her thick vulva with the object, each slow circle pushing her desire further, making her hunger for a powerful release.
‘Can you taste me now?’ Short fuck stories
Vicky felt her body tense up as she worked her clitoris fast whilst, caught in a delicious grip between the full quivering lips of her sweet, glistening engine, Tommy’s wrinkled face twitched and shuddered.

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