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My Ex Nicoletta telling me she was now a lesbian was not a massive shock as she had been spending a lot of time with a friend and I had noticed and suspected a little but this was still a surprise. I knew she had something to tell me and had sat me down with a drink and gradually explained that it had just happened as there friendship built and that there were in love. Basically we had a few drinks now and gone through the main part, I think Nicoletta was pleased I was ok with it and I was genuinely ok with it and was a bit of banter now. Sex stories that will make u wet
“I don’t miss men they only have one good thing”
“What’s that” I ask kinda knowing the answer
“a cock” she fires back quickly, “I just wish Donna had a nice big fat cock, she would be perfect then” she laughs.
The conversation flows a bit more as we finish some more wine, she tells me a bit about there lesbian time, I tell her about what I have been up to as the wine and conversation flows nicely. Recapping me and my ex wife spent about 8 years together and had two kids and a very good active sex life but wasn’t enough to keep us together.
That leads us here and is why she is telling me about her and Donna because she wants to let the kids know soon and come out as a couple. We have been split for a couple of years and still have had the odd shag since but not for a while now. I have been enjoying the single life and certainly had some fun in Thailand and all round really.
Nicoletta is certainly no saint neither and had her fair share of boyfriends and one night stands since we split, we certainly got up to a lot when we were together too and she certainly had a bit of a bisexual side but she loved cock and I still remember one of the horniest moment ever was her being triple penetrated with me in her ass.
I will describe me and Nicoletta before I return to the night, I’m Johnny, 32 and about 5”8, work out a lot so nicely toned without being really muscular, short dark brown hair, bit spiked and quite good looking I think and less occasionally told. Sex stories that will make u wet Nicoletta is definitely a BBW and 35, she used to be very pretty in the face but not quite much now with a bob shoulder length brown hair, she used to be a size 18/20 when were together changing a lot getting lighter then heavier but probably about 15ish stone for a lot of the time. She’s only small about 5”1 with little pert boobs and now a bit bigger I’m guessing maybe pushing 18 stone even.
She carries the weight quite well all over but she does have a big ass and belly, even more so now. She dresses well though and her legs look good in her skirt tonight, her skirt also shapes her big ass and it looks hot and her cleavage is on show a bit from her tight top. But fortunately I do like big girls and Nicoletta although not quite as attractive now, certainly is a bit different too before as a bit bigger now. She is a confident bubbly girl at times and although big has always been confident about it and I think she likes her body and even though she has been a right bitch at times I did find the sex we had great during the marriage.
The conversation turns more sexual as the drink flows, Nicoletta tells me all about her lesbian affair, she does seem to really care for Donna and tells me they have a lot of oral and a bit of dildo play but complains that Donna is to gentle and doesn’t like ass play and over the top with cleanliness but they do have a strap on they use on each other, she seems happy but a bit sexually frustrated. I chat and she quiz’s about somebody she knows called Sally who I slept with a few times, Sally is a slim girl but Nicoletta is flirting insisting I miss her big ass and that Sally didn’t have an ass.
The wine drinking continues along with the flirting and Nicoletta insists that Donna has said she can still go with a man along as only for the sex so I now know that she couldn’t be giving me a bigger come on. Sex stories that will make u wet I look at her and try to decide if this is what I want to do, we had a hard break up and don’t want any more problems and are now happy single and sorted, but I am very horny and tipsy. I think go for it does seem just a shag and I do fancy her a lot.
I keep looking she is still pretty when she smiles and looks nice today with a nice haircut and nice amount of make up as well the nice revealing top and skirt. But even for a bigger girl she has got sex appeal, she’s the sort of girl you want to take for a dirty fuck rather than take to your parents. She notices me staring and I think yeah will go for it so she asks what I’m staring at I reply that she looks pretty. She kinda blushes and gets some wine from the fridge and then standing with her back to me lifts her denim skirt up and blurts out “I bet Sally didn’t have this, shaking her ass.”
I smile noticing the stockings shaping her nice fat thighs and her thong just visible at the top of her crack, I reply ”no, and she never wore stockings for a friendly coming out.”
Nicoletta then tells me “I always get what I want though and I know you will fuck me tonight, you can’t resist suspenders.”
She is very cocky but I’m so horny and stand up and walk over and start kissing her, my hands are all over her and eventually I suggest lying down on the table. She lies on her back and straight away I pull her thong off, push her legs in the air wide apart and start eating her hairy pussy, most woman have it shaved now and she does trim but it’s nice and bit bushy, I love the change of it hairy and I start devouring her clit, She orgasms quickly as usual from oral and then lies there wanting to be fucked. Sex stories that will make u wet
But I want to taste her ass again, as I loved this when we were together, she has such a great ass and her ass hole is so nice to lick out, not hairy at all and just a tight little hole that always taste so nice. so I get her off the table and get her to bend over it with her skirt up and start eating out her ass. It tastes as good as I remember and I carry licking and pushing my tongue against and in her hole for a good few minutes while rubbing my hands all over her still clothed body and eventually getting her bra off.
click here for sex toys gf Nicoletta suggests taking it upstairs and we strip off Nicoletta keeping her stockings on, we 69 on the bed with me alternating between her clit and ass until she orgasms again. Sex stories that will make u wet She then literally begs me to fuck her, I’m rock hard and really horny so fuck her in the missionary position she’s so wet I just slide in and keep fucking, she tells me harder and I push it that bit fastest but can feel myself coming so turn her over for doggy, my favorite position and give her ass a nice hard slap which she loves and slide back in again. I love her ass like them big best I must admit and I can see now it’s bigger even in the dim lights, it’s just got so much meat and I just love the look and keep caressing it and playing with her ass hole.
I start off slowly in doggy reaching round and playing with her clit in between caressing and fingering her ass, until I really build the speed up again, then I am really going at it and literally banging her ass really hard every time I go in making the loudest slapping noise but it doesn’t stop her screaming harder. Sex stories that will make u wet I eventually come nicely in time as her legs were starting to give way and lean over. Once we catch our breath Nicoletta giggles and pats her ass saying “see nice fat ass.”
I respond that “I’m going have to be in to really judge.”
“later but it’s your turn first.” is Nicoletta’s reply.
What happens next isn’t normally what I go for, I can be a bit bi and do like ladyboys but it’s me who does the shagging normally, always played round with this before with Nicoletta but never really enjoyed massively. But drunk and very horny I was game. Sex stories that will make u wet Nicoletta jumps up and puts the light on and rummages in a draw and as I thought she pulls out a dildo but surprisingly a strap on.
I just lay watching as she expertly fastens it around her waist, it’s 8” long, thick and flesh covered. I look at her in her stockings with her fat thighs and big hanging belly separated by this strap on, her small tits are quite pert with her nipples hard and a mischievous smile. She’s not obviously sexy her belly hangs so low that the strap on supports a bit of it but is a turn on if you like the dirty larger lady.
She has the lube and wants to lube my ass ready so I agree and lift my legs up to allow access, she surprises me again by going down with her head and licking it first eventually sucking me off and fingering me with the lube until she has three fingers in. As she is doing this she has fat gorgeous ass facing near me, the strap on just visible from looking between her legs. I can’t help myself and I finger her too sliding a couple of fingers in her and one in the ass. Sex stories that will make u wet She demands I turn over and I get on all fours and she fucks me doggy not very gently neither once in she thrusts in and out quite hard and quickly has it all in which I can tell by her soft belly hitting my ass. The hard thrusting is painful at first but then actually becomes quite pleasant and I can’t help but stroke my dick.
Nicoletta tells me “I wish I could fuck a fat ass like mine, instead of skinny asses like you and Donna” Nicoletta has took on a new dominating role with the strap on and pretty much forces me onto my back and goes back in my ass hard and now grabs my dick and wanks me off while fucking my ass. I come pretty quick and shoot all over my belly. Nicoletta slides out and rips the dick off and tells me is she is so horny after that and just sits straight on my face, I’m really all shagged out but try to lick her clit but is hard as she is literally humping my face and just grinding her pussy against me. I do my best to eat her pussy and catch her clit while she humps my face but she climbs off and lies and rests for a minute.
I get up and grab some water from the bathroom as desperate and have a pee and relax and walk back in to see Nicoletta with a little sort of cheerleader dress on that covers nothing and a different vibrator that she is forcefully shoving in and out of her pussy. She asks “please lick me clit, I need to come and my hands aren’t as good.” Sex stories that will make u wet
I lie between her legs and just focus on her clit licking and twirling round with tongue will she works round me still working the dildo in and out. She’s breathing harder and feeling horny I start licking my finger and sliding it in her ass but feeling very horny I can’t stop myself putting in mouth while licking her clit to taste her, eventually she can’t carry the dildo on from her heavy breathing and shaking and I try to keep it going for her and she just goes crazy shaking, screaming and comes not sure how many times but definitely a multiple orgasm, she always comes but that was intense and she squirts a bit which is unusual for her.
She lies there still shaking a bit from her orgasms, I’m as horny as hell now again from that. I want to fuck her ass so bad, I grab the lube from the side of the bed and just smear loads all over my dick. Sex stories that will make u wet I lift her one leg up just giving enough access to her ass hole and smear more lube on my fingers and just stick them in her ass just getting her lubed with three fingers.
Nicoletta knows what is happening but is still just lying there glowing, I position myself nicely between her legs and lift them onto my shoulders and line my cock up to her ass hole, I have her ass nicely raised up giving me good access and her fat belly is squashed up together making a bigger belly which is a real turn on then. I wipe the lube on her tiny skirt and help myself in there which takes a couple of go’s even lubed.
I eventually get in and take it slowly at first but Nicoletta bolts up and insists on harder and I respond, the feeling is amazing so tight and I’m so horny my hands are everywhere all over belly and tits I’m kissing her like crazy sucking and biting her nipples. I’m fucking her so hard I have her her right pushed back with her legs behind my neck but know it’s going be a struggle to come this way as tiring from the missionary and pining her up that I get her to turn over for doggy, she tells me to stand up and she just bends over her drawers pushing her big fuckable ass right out and spreading her legs wide open. Sex stories that will make u wet
Her ass is so big and horny, I pull her little skirt down a bit but not far as to get in the way and pull her stockings back up caressing her all the time and then I get straight back to it and slide my cock back inside her ass, fucking her really hard in the ass from the off making her ass slap really hard again against me, the noise even more turns me on and just really grab her hips going in as hard as I can.
I grab her hair, pulling her right back onto my cock and just keep pumping and then I finally explode in her ass, I’m spent and eventually slowly pull out and watch my cum slowly dripping out, Nicoletta then asks me “eat my ass out, taste the cum and let me taste it too.”
I lie down on the bed and she quickly kneels over just sinking her ass onto my face, I part her bum cheeks with my hand and start licking her ass hole again which is so wet and has my cum all around and still dripping out. Sex stories that will make u wet Nicoletta is sucking my dick getting some of the cum but also tasting her ass to I guess.
After a few minutes I’m no longer hard and tired and Nicoletta’s ass as nice as it is doesn’t need any more licking. We have a little chat and really just both parted with a small kiss and me with a reminder to keep quiet and maybe a hint of more. I was knackered and keen to sleep now so quickly got dressed and heading home in the car possibly over the limit but not far and made it ok. Sex stories that will make u wet

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