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It was 2 in the morning when my phone rang, I was not in bed but was due to go any minute. Through the noise I made out a woman’s voice over the street noise around her. After two minutes I finally understood that it was Mary the mother of a friend of mine. I had dinner with her son recently and he had given her my number in case she needed help next time she was in my town. Prostitute sex stories
She was now in town and was too drunk to drive so she was wondering if I could come get her and take her back to her hotel. There are never any cabs at two in the morning so I agreed to come get her in 15 min outside the bar where she was now.
I had only meet her once when I was down south and could only remember that she was somewhere between 50 and sixty with a homemaker vibe. I hoped I would remember her when I saw her.
There was no need to worry, out side the bar there was lots of people but Miss Rogers was right out front talking to two guys my age and flirting by the looks of it. I pulled up and honked the horn to which she opened the door and jumped in. The car filled with the smell of cigarettes, booze and perfume not to mention the large presence of Miss Rogers.
I could see now that I was almost right in respect to her age but as to her being homely, that might have been true when she was home but tonight she was dressed to kill or at least to injure. It was a warm night so she wore no coat just a black dress that was now up over her knees almost to her waist as she had jumped in without pulling it down first. I could see she was wearing black stockings and suspenders, I could even see the tops of her meaty legs above them.
Trying not to look down I said hello and asked how she was and how long she’d been waiting etc. She was not really drunk just over the limit and said she was sorry for the trouble and everything. She told me where she was staying and we hit the road.
I couldn’t help glancing down at her legs, they where big and chunky her wide hips hanging over the sides of the car seat. Her massive breasts where almost on her lap and the seat belt wrapped across her torso outlined the size of each breast. Prostitute sex stories I could not believe I was getting a hard on from this lady but the sight of her stockings had my cock hard inside my pants.
She was in great form and explained how she had been with some work friends who left early but she had been in the mood for some fun and stayed behind. She shifted forward again to get comfortable and her dress rode up even more, I could now see what I first thought was her pussy but was in reality her tummy. No matter it had my mind working overdrive and my cock straining in my pants. Just then she looked at me, saw where I was looking and glanced down to see what had got my attention. She then looked back up at me then down to my pant front.
She shifted in her seat to pull her dress down but there wasn’t enough space for her to move around. “Hey I’m sorry Miss Rogers I didn’t mean to stare,” I tried sounding like a sorry ass.
“I’m sure you weren’t staring,” she replied.
“Are you?” I returned.
“If I was 20 years younger I’d have something to reproach you for,” Miss Rogers replied casually.
“You’re never too old to look sexy,” I said before I realised what I was saying.
“You don’t think I’m sexy surly?” she went on laughing.
“No its a lighter in my pocket,” I joked back. She reflectively looked down at my grouch where my pants where standing on their own. She went silent after that I was sure I’d offended her. Prostitute sex stories A mile further and still not a sound out of her, I decided to try and apologies, “Hey I’m sorry but when I saw your stockings my small brain took over. I hope your not offended.”
“Offended? No I’m just surprised, if you saw what was under the stockings you’d calm down quick,” she said looking at me.
I don’t know why but I replied, “Try me!” Just like that, but I did. She laughed but didn’t offer any more conversation until we got to her motel where I parked in front of her room. She said thanks again and got out of the car but instead of leaving she stayed standing with the door open. I could only see her from the breasts down and thought she was looking for her keys until I saw her pull her dress up from the waist right up over her belly. She was wearing a tiny pair of panties that where well hidden by her tummy that curved down round and swollen. Her suspender straps going under and over her tummy. She stood with her legs slightly apart but her legs where still touching because of the size of each one.
It was the horniest sexiest sight I had seen in a long time and before I could stop myself I had reached out and pushed my hand between her warm thighs and cupped her soft mound just above her pussy. I could feel the outline of her pussy clearly through the fabric as I began to massage her pussy slowly through her panties. She stayed still letting me feel her up like that for about a minute before bending down and sticking her head into the car and reaching over so she was almost on top of me.
She looked down at the bulge in my pants then kissed my lightly on the lips before saying, “You’re a very naughty boy.” Then she reached down and gave my cock a little squeeze through my jeans. “Will you be able to drive with that?” she said giving me a wicked grin. I swear her breasts where rubbing off the car seat they where so big and I was horny as hell.
“Let me see your breasts and I’ll be ok,” I replied reaching under her and cupping one of her massive breasts. Prostitute sex stories She didn’t stop me and stayed five inches form my face as I felt her tit through her dress.
“This is crazy and I’ll regret it tomorrow I know but if you promise to keep your mouth shut I’ll show you in my room.”
I just nodded and jumped out of the car.
She joined me in front of her door and let us both in. Once inside I pushed her back up against the dressing table and dropped to my knees in front of her. I pulled her dress up and pressed my face into her panties inhaling the smell of her pussy through the fabric. Using both hands I pulled her panties down to her knees then her ankles.
I pressed my face back into her soft flesh again this time I was right on her almost hairless pussy. I ran my hands up and over her massive ass and legs as I began lapping at her pussy. She lifted on of her legs onto the table opening her pussy for me.
I could now lick the length of her slippery crack until I reached her swollen clit that was standing up on it’s own. When I sucked it into my mouth rolling it with my tongue she shuck on her one leg and grabbed my head in her hands pulling me deeper into her pussy. She was very wet form my mouth and from excitement and I quickly had a wet face.
“O shit, I’m going to come!” she announced and began to vibrate and jerk her hips into my face holding my head tightly pressed to her pussy. When she had come she released her grip and I came up for air starring up at the massive form of her breasts.
“Take off your dress,” Prostitute sex stories I commanded surprising myself with the tone. She took her dress from around her hips and pulled it right up over her head. Her huge tits could be seen now and they looked even bigger from my angle. I watched her unfasten her bra from behind and my mouth dropped open when her breasts fell down onto her belly. They sat on her belly spread out over it two huge mounds of soft flesh. Her nipples looked like two-inch thick rubber hoses tensed up and hard pointing down at me.
I reached up both hands from below and took one in each hand. They where heavy and much firmer than I had imagined. I stepped back and unfastened my jeans pulling them and my boxers down and off. My cock stood up proud and hard the skin already pulled back just waiting. I sat on the edge of the bed and waited for her to come to me.
When she stood before me her breasts where at eye level. She bent over and down brushing them over my cock before taking me in her hot mouth. She sucked my cock like that standing and bending forward, I was able to grope her swinging tits as she did and using the mattress I began humping my cock up and down to meet her mouth. I was out of my mind with lust for this old lady and didn’t care a damn.
“You look like such a filthy whore with my cock in your mouth,” I said in a sexual trance.
She looked up and pulled away, saying, “That’s good because it’s my first time.”
I couldn’t believe this was the first time she had a cock in her mouth, she was sucking me hard dragging her lips up and down expertly. After a couple of more minutes she stopped and stood back up.
“Could we do it from behind?” she asked looking at me.
“Don’t you normally do it like that?” I replied.
She said nothing but climbed onto the bed on her hands and knees with her two knees perched on the side of the bed. I moved behind her wide hips with my cock in hand at the perfect height. Prostitute sex stories Her pussy was wide open her two lips looked puffy and swollen as I inserted my cock. It was much tighter than I had expected, I felt her muscles pull me in and tighten around my shaft.
She let out a long low moan as I pushed my cock into the hilt and held it there savouring the amazing sensation. Her big round ass looked huge but firm and I held on to her hips as I began to fuck my cock in and out with long slow strokes. She was whimpering quietly as her pussy got wetter and wetter, my cock moving faster now as her pussy opened to me.
Before long I was fucking her with a firm hard strokes banging my cock off her soft ass every time I trust into her. “Your pussy feels so good,” I let out almost in a moan. She responded right away pushing back to meet my trusts.
I tried again, “I can see my cock sliding in and out.” This time she moaned a low growl pushing back harder. “You look like such a slut with your stockings and shoes,” I panted fucking a little faster.
“Oh Jesus! Yes fuck me!!” she cried out grabbing a hand full of bed sheets.
“Yes I’m fucking your big wet pussy!!” <> <> I pounded away at her hot box.
“Oh my god I’ve never been fucked like this!” She said through gritted teeth. Her great big ass was rippling with every trust driving me wild and although I couldn’t see I knew her breasts where rubbing all over the bed sheets hanging down and shaking with every trust. “I’m coming o shit yes ohhhh!” She literally shuck from head to foot as the orgasm ripped through her, her pussy flooded with warm liquid trenching my cock and balls.
She fell forwards onto her tummy collapsing still coming hard, I fell with her quickly pulling one leg up onto the bed and using both hands I parted her ass checks wide open so I could continue to hammer her pussy hard until she was almost begging me to stop. When she did I pulled out but I was still very much on form wanting more from this massive sift sex machine.
She lay there panting catching her breath with her head in the bed covers. I waited as long as I could but I wanted more so I pushed her over onto her back watching her big breasts flop about as she got comfortable on her back. I was jacking off slowly keeping my cock hard. Prostitute sex stories
“Spread your legs for me slut I’m not finished with you yet.”
She let her legs fall open having no strength left, her pussy was hanging open stretched wide open and still leaking liquid that ran down her slit to her asshole.
“My husband has never treated me like this if he could see me now,” she managed in almost a whisper. “Have you ever had anal sex with a woman?” she asked not looking at me.
I’ve had lots of anal and love it but I was sure she never had in fact I was now sure that she’d just had sex from behind for the first time, she wasn’t lying.
“Your ass looks like it was made to be fucked,” I said kneeling beside her running my hands over first her breasts then down to lightly run over her clit and pussy rubbing the liquid into her hair and pussy.
“I want to feel your penis in my anus,” she said matter of fact like.
“You mean you want me to fuck your tight ass, you want me to shove my hard cock up your asshole,” I replied moving my hand down to her ass which at this stage was so wet my fingers slipped in with ease. Prostitute sex stories
She tensed slightly but relaxed as I pushed them further opening her virgin ass and lubricating her insides with her own cunt juice. I moved over between her legs and pushed her legs up high so they where resting on her breasts. Her pussy and ass exposed like this and her pussy now open wider than it had been in a long time. I nudged forward pressing my cock up to her tight asshole. She again tensed at first touch causing her anus to retract inwards.
Leaning my weight forward my cock pushed its way in about an inch and she let out a surprised moan. Leaning more weight I pushed my cock home in one slow trust not stopping until I was ball’s deep.
“Holy shit you feel huge,” she panted sucking in air.
I waited — not moving for her, and I as her ass was so tight I thought I would come right there without moving. I took deep breaths getting under control before I began to remove my cock and push it back in. Prostitute sex stories Within five strokes it was moving easily stretching her ass wide, my balls where slapping against her pussy every time I pushed into her.
“Oh god! I can feel every vein on your cock your stretching me so wide,” she said through gritted teeth. I was now back under control and was sliding in and out getting faster as I went.
“This is fucking amazing, your ass feels so good!”
“Please do it harder,” she urged, her eyes closed tight in concentration. I pushed her legs up higher holding them open with my hands and started to really pump her ass hard banging my heavy balls of her pussy with each trust.
“Like this slut, this how you want your ass fucked?” I slammed into her as I said it.
“Yes fuck me, fuck my ass, take me like a slut,” she panted very close to coming her ass well lubricated now.
“What would your husband think if he could see his slut wife with a cock up her ass?” I asked with a grin. I was now banging so hard my pelvis was hitting bone and hurt in a good way.
“Never mind him, I’m going to come from my ass I can’t believe this, yes do me, do me,” she was going over the edge now her body reacting to the coming orgasm beginning to shake and vibrate.
Just at the critical moment I rammed my tub right into her open pussy and started to finger fuck her pussy at the same time as her ass. She screamed out in ecstasy coming in floods from both holes, “Come with me, please come with me!”
No way was I doing that but I carried on fucking her until she stopped shaking. It was then that I realised she had gone completely limp, she had passed out on me. I had herd stories about women passing out from sex but it was the first time I’d managed it.
I pulled out of her and moved up the bed until I was kneeling above her head, she looked like she was asleep but came to almost immediately opening her eyes looking a little bewildered. She was not expecting to see a hard cock two inches from her face.
She smiled up at me as I began to rub my cock across her face jacking off at the same time. It left a slimy trail as it went.
“You know a real slut would want me to come in her mouth?” Prostitute sex stories I said grinning down at her. She reached up and took my cock in her hand guiding it to her open mouth and sucking it in deep.
I straddled her shoulders so I could piston my cock in and out of her mouth. “I’m going to fill your mouth with spunk whore, I’m going to pump my seed into you are you ready?” I panted very close to coming now.
She stopped long enough to say, “Yes I want to taste your come, come in my whore mouth!” Prostitute sex stories
As if on cue I started to fire thick wads of spunk into her mouth, she swallowed fast gulping down the hot liquid. I lost my balance as I came causing my cock to pop out of her mouth spraying the last drops across her face and neck.

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