I fucked my little sister story

Blackwoman drove down the rich suburban neighborhood till she heard what she waited for. There was a dispute going on at the house down the road where a black maid was getting chewed out by a white woman for not cleaning the dishes clean. It was her cue to that the situation needed correction. I fucked my little sister story
She turned down the road and parked in the driveway and got out. She loved every moment of this. It was her destiny in life.
Arriving at the door, she knocked and the door opened. The maid was standing there still in tears holding her right tender cheek in her hand.
“Can I help you?” The maid asked. “Are you sure you are at the right home.”
Blackwoman walked past the maid and entered the house to the maid bewilderment. The maid looked on in surprise.
“Call your mistress and tell her I am here in her living room waiting on her.” She told the maid.
“Please miss.” The maid begged. “Mrs. Williamson and her husband are out back sun tanning. You better leave before they find out you’re here or we’ll both get in trouble. Please ma’am.”
“Nonsense.” Blackwoman told her. “Go fetch her. I’ll wait here on the sofa.”
The maid was extremely nervous and fearful of how Mrs. I fucked my little sister story Williamson was going to take this but she didn’t know what else to do as she walked out the back patio.
Blackwoman sat for about 10 minutes before a long hair woman in her mid thirties appeared in the room as mad as hell. The woman was extremely well built Blackwoman noted with a perfect tan and well developed in all areas. Probably due to her wealthy upbringing all these years. She had on a small tight bikini which showed just about every part of her body.
“What the hell do you want? Whatever it is we don’t want it. So get your butt off my sofa and leave now.” The woman shouted at her totally pissed that she had entered without permission and took a seat on her expensive sofa. “I mean now.”
“Oh I think I’ll stay here for a little bit.” Blackwoman smiled at her stretching her legs on the sofa table in front. “Why don’t you tongue bathe my feet. They are tired of walking.”
Blackwoman could see the woman turning all shades of red at her words.
“Why you black bitch.” The woman yelled at her walking forward. I fucked my little sister story “I’m going to kick your big black butt right out my door.”
Blackwoman snapped her fingers.
There was a loud scream and the white lady jumped up and immediately grabbed her ass in back. She was in shock and agony as she jerked her bikini bottoms down below her ass and started trying to grab something between her ass-crack while walking madly across the room.
“Don’t worry sugar.” Blackwoman smiled. “You should get use to the plug in your ass after a day or so.”
The maid was standing there totally confused and bewildered at what was going on as the woman was searching desperately for something in her asshole without any luck. She could see the white woman asshole was stretched wide open but nothing was in it. She turned around and stared at Blackwoman sitting there smiling and enjoying the woman discomfort. Blackwoman turned around and look at her.
“Its just one of the magical things I can do.” Blackwoman smiled back. “I have powers you have never dreamed about and its time we black women set things right in this world. I fucked my little sister story This bitch now belongs to me and you if you want her. Watch this.”
The white woman was screaming and cussing at Blackwoman calling her every name she could think of as she struggled trying to find what was lodged deep in her asshole.
Blackwoman snapped her fingers again and the woman immediately fell down on all fours and started licking the floor.
“Quieter now. We don’t have to listen to the bitch yelling.” Blackwoman smiled. “She is your bitch now. All you have to do is tell her what you want and snap your fingers. I have giving you control over her. Try it.”
The maid was still standing frozen and stunned by what she had just witness but a smile was forming on her face. Blackwoman knew she now understood and would never be the same submissive maid again. She heard the maid snap her fingers and watched as the woman immediately crawled over and started licking her foot. The maid face was beaming in excitement.
Blackwoman got up.
“While you enjoy the slut here.” She told the maid who was now grinning from ear to ear. “I’ll go take care of that bastard husband of hers.”
Blackwoman turned towards the patio door and started walking out as she heard another finger snap.
“That’s it bitch. Pull my panties down with your mouth. I fucked my little sister story Mama got something real nice for you to lick on.”
Blackwoman smiled as she slide the door open and walked out into the patio deck. She spotted the husband lying on a lawn chair in his trunks by the pool with a couple of empty beer cans on the table beside him.
“Did that bitch get the door?” He yelled out not even looking around. “Tell her to get me another beer before you sit down.”
Blackwoman smiled as she walked around the chair and stared at the man laying there with his shades down across his eyes.
“What the fuck? Who are you bitch?” The man yelled out.
Blackwoman snapped her fingers.
The man legs suddenly went up and over his head as his trunks quickly slid off his ass up to his ankles. His cock suddenly went rock hard and started dripping down on his face.
“Time to fuck a horny white bitch.” Blackwoman laughed snapping her fingers again as the man asshole stretched wide like his wife’s earlier and he screamed out in pain. Suddenly it closed and open up again. He was yelling in pain and total surprise and anguish.
“What the fuck. Ohhhhhhhhh. You bitch. What have you done? Ohhhhhhhh.” The man started yelling. I fucked my little sister story
“Your white ass now belongs to me and the maid bitch.” Black woman spat down. “And now for the fun part.”
Blackwoman snapped her fingers again.
The man legs suddenly got farther and farther towards his face as his hard cock was aiming right for his mouth while was now wide open. He was gurgling words since he couldn’t speak with his mouth fully extended as his own cock finally arrive and shove inside as his eyes budged totally wide open.
“This should hold you for while I take a nice swim in the pool.” Blackwoman smiled as the man was fucking his own face and having his asshole totally rimmed by the imaginary object going in and out. “By the way, you will not be able to cum so enjoy the fucking and blow job.”
Blackwoman started removing her clothes leaving the man wiggling wildly on the chair with his ass swaying from side to side as he rocked his cock back and forth in his mouth. She had uses for him later but right now she was horny and needed a nice refreshing swim to cool down. She dove into the pool and laid in the shallow part relaxing in the sun. It felt wonderful as she closed her eyes and enjoyed it for a good ten minutes before hearing someone walking in back and turned around to see who it was.
The maid was walking out. She was now totally naked and the white woman was crawling behind her with her face firmly implanted in her large ass globes. Blackwoman could hear a smack in back of her and knew the white woman was being spanked as she crawled serving her mistress ass. I fucked my little sister story The maid had took her new role in life with much eagerness.
Suddenly the maid burst out laughing as she saw her former boss in the chair sucking his own cock and getting his big white ass fucked. She walked over behind the man and hit his ass as hard as she could with her open pawn.
“Faster pig. Stuff that big mouth of yours.” She yelled down.
Blackwoman stepped out of the pool enjoying the sight of the man cock going faster in and out his mouth as his eyes were no longer bulging out but was filled with lust. She walked over to the chair beside the man and laid down spreading her legs wide and snapped her fingers.
The white woman immediately crawled over leaving her mistress ass and started lapping her cunt in earnest.
“Is he going to cum?” The maid laughed enjoying slapping the man ass.
“Not unless you let him.” Blackwoman replied enjoying the tongue swishing wildly on her clit. “Neither will ever be able to cum again unless you give them approval. I fucked my little sister story They are totally at your mercy unless I break the spell which I have no intentions of till they are fully trained and submissive as white servants should be.”
The maid suddenly snapped her fingers and the man legs immediately came back down on the chair and then jumped up on his feet. There was a loud smack and then the man started jumping as Blackwoman could see a small red spot appear on his ass. He was walking around the pool area jumping up and down as his big white ass was getting redder and redder as the maid got down in his lawn chair and laid down rubbing her clit watching him in excitement.
“That should keep his big butt busy for awhile.” The maid laughed.
Blackwoman came on the woman face between her legs and started cumming again. It was always so exciting to watch new slaves in the making.
“Are you going to stay with us? I hope so.” The maid smiled rubbing her clit faster.
“Unfortunately I can’t.” Blackwoman replied cumming again on the woman face as her head suddenly dropped down and started licking her feet. “I was on my way to a school where I heard a white female teacher is flunking the black girls out on purpose and just heard these bitches out the car window as I passed. I fucked my little sister story Thought I’ll stop by and put things in the right place. I’ll stop by every once in a while to check out their progress. I’m sure you can come up with many ideas for a pair of sluts like these.”
“Ahhh. You bet.” The maid replied moaning in excitement. “Please come by often and I’ll show you how they’re doing.”
The maid snapped her fingers as the man quickly ran over and dropped to his knees between her large legs and started lapping her clit.
“I owe you so much.” The maid replied. “Please come by often. Ohhhhhhhhhh.”
Blackwoman watched the maid body shake all over as she orgasm on the man face plowing it farter in her snatch with her large hands. She smiled and got up snapping her fingers as the white woman ran over getting her clothes and started putting them on her.
“I’ll drop by tomorrow.” Blackwoman smiled as the maid was now totally laid back in full lust on the chair. “Enjoy the pets and don’t wear yourself out to much. You have the rest of your life to enjoy the pups.”
Blackwoman could tell the maid was trying to say something but the tonguing of her clit was driving her wild in lust as she laid back enjoying it. Blackwoman snapped her fingers once more as the white woman immediately dropped down on the tile floor on her back and lifted her legs up high above her head and spread her cunt lips wide. She figured she could stay that way till the maid had another use for her and walked back to the house door and then through the living area back out to her car. She was now refreshed and ready to return to her prior engagement in which she had planned out for today. I fucked my little sister story It had been such a relief to lose the tension of the day.
She got in her car and continued on her way to the school. It was an all female high school that she had heard about that didn’t won’t black girls to attend.
Well she would just have to change that.
Blackwoman arrived at the high school about 1 o’clock in the evening and got out. Good she thought everyone was still in school. She walked in without anyone noticing her and made her way down to Miss Clayborn class. Opening the door, she saw an elderly white woman in her mid forties in front of a class of about 9 girls. Three of which was black and the rest white. The black girls were all seated in back.
“Excuse me. But you can’t enter a classroom without permission from the principal.” The white woman spoke turning around to look at her with surprise. “If one of these girls in back belongs to you, I suggest you go to the principal office and request permission to enter my homeroom. No wonder the black girls here can’t do as they are told. They must take after their mommies.”
The white girls in the room were giggling at the remarks as the young black girls were trying to look away in shame.
Blackwoman smiled as she walked over towards the woman desk who was now staring her down as a lowlife.
“Excuse me but I think it time you learn to do what you are told.” Blackwoman yelled when she was almost in the woman face and snapped her fingers.
All of a sudden the teacher slacks and panties fell down to her ankles and her blouse shot open and her bra popped open falling to the floor below. Her face pointed up to the roof and her nose closed as if being pinched. I fucked my little sister story She was yelling in surprise and cussing out loud as a loud pop could be heard from her back like the sound of a hand coming down on her large ass.
She jumped and started trying to walk as the slaps could be heard all around the room and her cussing was getting louder. Blackwoman could see all the girls looking up in total surprise at what they had just witnessed and she smiled taking a seat at the teacher chair as she pranced around the room with her nose up and her ass being slapped in back.
“Ahhh. Shit! Ahhhh… Stop damn it. Ahhhhh… Fuck. Ohhhhhh.” She yelled out prancing around on her toes as her ass swung from side to side.
“We have new rules in this school.” Blackwoman spoke out looking at the surprise look of the girls. “In this school black women rule and all you white girls are nothing but slaves for our amusement. She snapped her fingers again.
The white girls in class immediately jumped up and started shedding their clothes as the black girls watched in amazement and wonder. When they were undressed they immediately dropped down on all fours as the teacher was now cussing in earnest screaming for help as she pranced around the room. Blackwoman decided enough was enough as she let her nose return to normal and her mouth opened up wide as if something large was shoved in it. That should keep her quiet.
“Now little piggies crawl around.” Blackwoman said snapping her fingers.
All the white girls started crawling around on the floor oinking and wiggling their butts sexy as Blackwoman snapped her finger again and Miss Clayborn dropped down on all fours doing the same as the girls.
“Come here you fat pig and please your mistress pussy.” Blackwoman demanded.
“Oink, oink” The woman howled as the slaps could still be heard on her butt as she crawled.”
“Well what are you waiting for girls?” I fucked my little sister story Blackwoman called out to the stunned black girls in black frozen at the sight appearing in front of them. “All these white little piggies are now at your mercy for whatever you wish. Why don’t you slapped there tiny little white butts for awhile. In the meantime, this old bitch here is going to pleasure me with a good pussy licking.
The black girls watched as Miss Clayborn immediately crawled over to the black woman in her chair and pushed her face in between her skirt inside. They could hear lapping sounds underneath. They was no longer amazed but excited beyond belief as they got up and walking over to the nearest oinking piggy started slapping and kicking their white asses. They didn’t care how or why, right now they were horny and Blackwoman knew it as she enjoyed the tonguing on her clit.
“Remember girls. If you want the little piggies to do anything all you have to do is snap your fingers like this.” Blackwoman called out as she snapped again.
Miss Clayborn immediately raised her ass up high and shoved two fingers in her asshole fucking her large butt.
The black girls were now giggling and one snapped her finger. One of the white girls immediately crawled over and lifting up her skirt, pulled her panties down to her knees and started licking her clit. The other two girls decided to have some fun too as they started snapping and several girls crawled over and started licking their asses from behind.
Blackwoman noticed there were three white piggies still crawling and decided they needed some attention too as she snapped and all three girls got down on their backs lifting their legs up above their heads as the sound of a paddle could be heard but not seen through the room. I fucked my little sister story
“What the hell is all this noise? What the hell!”
Blackwoman looked up to see a blond in her older thirties burst into the room and immediately knew it must be the school principal. She immediately snapped her finger as the woman skirt dropped to the floor and her panties fell below her cunt. The woman immediately jabbed two fingers up her hairy blond pussy and started jabbing her fingers in and out. Her blouse opened and her large boobs practically fell out as she grabbed them with her other hand and started pulling the nipples outwards. She was standing there oinking shoving her fingers in faster and faster.
The black girls had stopped temporary but seeing the principal fucking her cunt and oinking, they immediately returned to their fun.
“Come over here bitch and slap this whore ass while she licks my cunt.” Blackwoman demanded.
The principal immediately ran over and started slapping Miss Clayborn ass. Black woman had her slap it till Miss Clayborn tongue was nonstop all over her clit and then demanded the principal stand up.
“Milk those cow jugs of yours bitch. I fucked my little sister story ” Blackwoman commanded to the principal. “Slap those big jugs.”
Principal Morris started slapping her own large boobs. Blackwoman glanced over to see how the girls were doing and was surprised. The young black girls now had two white girls each and was sitting on one face and having the other lick their tits while pulling and pinching on their smaller nips. Blackwoman had an idea and called the young black girls over.
“Let’s take our new white toys down to the gym where there is more room and give them a real workout.” She told them.
She snapped her fingers and all the white girls and the teacher with principal all stood up and got in a line with Principal Morris in front. Then they started to duck waddle out the classroom as Blackwoman and the three black school girls followed behind. With another snap and Blackwoman had locked all the classroom doors so they wouldn’t be interrupted.
Several of the black girls would walk down the line and pinch the white duckies butts as they waddled there way along, Even Blackwoman was getting excited again by the sight and snapped her fingers as the two grown up women asses spread in back and then there assholes started gaping open and close. I fucked my little sister story The girls were laughing at the two grown women.
The gym was at the end of the building as they finally made it. One of the black girls warned her that the gym teacher might be in her office so Blackwoman told them to go on and she would catch up in a few minutes. She made her way to the office and found a young woman in her upper thirties sitting at the desk in gym shorts and t-shirt. She glanced up as she approached.
“Excuse me.” The woman looked up. “You are now allowed here.”
Blackwoman walked over and grabbed the blond by the nape of her hair and pulled her hair back.
“I do as I want. You white twat.” Blackwoman told her. “Get your ass off that chair and kiss my feet.
Blackwoman started to snap her fingers but was surprise as the woman immediately got down and started lapping her feet. Finally, a white woman who knows her place in life, she thought to herself and snapped her fingers as the woman gym shorts fell down to her knees in back. I fucked my little sister story
“Crawl your white ass to the gym area.” She demanded, giving her a swift kick to the ass as she crawled.
They made their way inside the gym as Blackwoman look around at the excitement. The white girls were all running the bleachers with their finger shoved up their lily white asses while Miss Clayborn and Miss Morris was trying to keep up with a finger in their ass and pussy. Blackwoman took a seat and pointed to her pussy as the young gym teacher eagerly crawled forward and started tonguing. She was going to let the girls have their fun for awhile and decide what to do after that. I fucked my little sister story
Maybe they’re all going for a swim at the pool she was at earlier that day, or maybe they’ll go from class to class and teach these cunts a thing or two. She came on the young woman mouth in her cunt and demanded she lay on her back. Getting up, she straddled her face and sat her ass down on her mouth. She felt the woman tongue deep in her asshole and thought she might keep this bitch for awhile
Just a fantasy, how was yours?

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