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I was home alone on a Saturday night and decided to get online and look for some one to talk to. To let you know why I was home alone I must tell you that I am a BBW and have trouble attracting men as not many men are attracted to big women. None of my net friends were online so I decided to surf for a while. Girls dogging
While surfing I found a page with free porn so I decided to have a look. What I saw was amazing and getting me incredibly wet. The images in front of me were of girls and guys and animals. The pictures showed dogs with their cocks buried inside girls cunts.
There was a movie, so I decided to download it and have a look. The movie showed a girl sucking the cock of a dog and then when the dog was nice and hard her friend helped to the dog to get on the girls back and the friend inserted the dogs hard cock into the girls cunt.
While watching this I was unaware that my own dog had entered the room. My hands were down my pants and I was fingering my cunt as I watched the picture on the computer.
I was so wet that I decided to down load another, I continued to watch for a while as my cunt continued to get very wet. My fingers were now working away at my clit as another finger entered my cunt. Girls dogging
I came there and then and couldn’t believe my reaction to watching doggy porn. My dog was now sitting at my feet and watching me, looking at my with what appeared to look like a smile on her face.
I decided that I would love to feel doggy tongue lick my cunt, I turned the computer off and went and laid on the lounge calling my dog over to me. I stripped off all my clothes and began to play with my tits, the nipples were nice and hard and I was wet again. I called my dog over to the lounge and lifted my legs to expose my wet cunt to her. She came in close and placed her nose in my cunt, sniffing and smelling my wetness.
Then it happened, she began to lick my cunt. I couldn’t believe what it felt like, rougher then human tongue but her licking was stronger and seemed to hit the spot every time. She then moved her tongue into my hole, it went in deep and I got a shock as her whiskers touched my outer lips.
She delved deep into my cunt, thrusting her tongue inside and out, and just when I thought I couldn’t take it any more she bought her tongue out and started to lick my clit, the feeling was incredible as I exploded on her face. She licked even more now as I bucked under her magical tongue. I had never felt my body respond to anything like that. Girls dogging
Every time I watch doggy porn now I make sure my dog is in the room and we both have a little bit of fun when its over. I am no thinking of buying a male dog and training him to love his mistress too…

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