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It was a very long day and evening at the office, must have been midnight when I got to the parking garage in the basement. My Ferrari was parked in its normal place, taking two spots as usual and all I could think of was getting home and hitting the sack. The garage is very eerie at that hour, quiet as a tomb.
As I was putting the key into the lock I heard these footsteps, quick ones. The sound of high heels was unmistakable and amplified in the stillness of the darkened building. Then out of the shadows came the most striking women I had seen in, well, maybe ever.
She looked worried and was walking straight towards me. She was wearing a tight leather skirt, it was clinging to a fabulous body, and was it short, showing more legs than one sees in Vegas. She had a sheer white blouse and an open black leather vest. Her honey-colored hair spilled over her shoulders like a waterfall, but I think that it was those flame-red lips and finger nails that caught my attention in that gloomy place. Free mature incest stories
“You have to help me,” she said. “My name is Autumn and my car battery seems to be dead. I’m just a bit nervous being alone in the place,” she told me that she was an attorney on the 22nd floor and had seen me in the building, I have to admit that I had not seen her before.
THIS woman I would have remembered. I said that I had a cell phone and would be glad to call AAA. She smiled and showed me a gorgeous mouth, so expressive, with the wettest lips, “Why not get in?” I inquired, “it’s sort of chilly here.”
She nodded and I went to the passenger side to open her door, always the gentleman.
Entering a Ferrari is no easy task but she had obviously had practice sitting on the seat with her feet still outside the car she pivoted around putting both legs into the foot-well. Free mature incest stories I just stood there gawking like a schoolboy at those long, shapely legs and I could swear that at the moment she pivoted, she paused, knees slightly apart, just long enough to give me a view of heaven, an instantaneous shot of red panties and garter belt.
She looked at me for that instant, caught me! I felt myself flushing with embarrassment but it was over so quickly I wasn’t sure if it was an accident or something else. All I knew was that the garage was not as chilly as I though it was just a few minutes before, whew.
When I got in behind the wheel the car was filled with the smell of woman, I think Obsession or Eternity, whatever it was it was wonderful. She was looking at the Ferrari interior, touching the dashboard, rubbing her fingers on the instruments and switches, she was studying everything with great interest.
Her fingers moved to the chrome gearshift lever with its black ball shift knob which sprouted from the center console. She seemed to be caressing that black knob, and I was fascinated by the movement of those long fingers and their red nails, so sensuous. I almost for got why we were there, “Do you have an AAA card?” I asked, but she seemed to not hear my question. She shifted in the bucket seat, her leather rubbing against that of the car seat, making a very exotic sound and yes, there was a smell of leather mixed with that of her scent, it was intoxicating.
Autumn turned towards me, moved those legs to face my direction and leaned back against the door. Free mature incest stories “Do you have any music?” she cooed.
I almost choked, but tried to be cool as I turned on the CD player and selected something I thought appropriate, I forget, Seal, Annie Lennox, aahhh, funny how your mind sometimes goes on automatic.
As the music played she began swaying back and forth, her eyes closed. That short vest fell back revealing just how sheer that blouse was. I could see in the semi- light ample breasts barely contained in a half-bra and that blouse was open almost to her waist. Her flesh quivered ever so slightly as she rocked back and forth to the quiet sounds, her fingers still fondling that shift lever knob.
I felt myself becoming very aroused and hoped that there would be no need to quickly get out of the car as that could prove to be, well, difficult. “Autumn, your car?” Free mature incest stories I was still trying to be the good Boy Scout but this woman was making me crazy.
All she did was slide deeper into that bucket seat, of course leather against leather caused the already too- short skirt to slide even further up, and up. And I was able to confirm to myself that those red panties and garter belt were no imagination, her knees parted ever so gradually, and this time I knew that it was not by accident.
Her soft hand closed around the gear shift lever and she began stroking it, up and down and she half opened her eyes, these blue pools, I could look to eternity in them. Those wet lips parted, just a crack, just enough to let me see the tip of her tongue.
She was looking right at me, her chest began to heave as her breathing increased, her hand moved faster on that smooth chrome shaft, pausing once in a while to run one finger across the top of the shiny black knob.
I was as hard as a bar of steel and my pants had a bulge in them that I couldn’t hide. Free mature incest stories I saw her eyes lower to my crotch, and that tongue of hers sensuously snaked out and licked those moist lips from corner to corner.
I reached for another CD which was in the glove compartment and brought my face right up to hers, I never got to the music, I was drawn to that mouth like a magnet. She put her hand on the back of my head and drew me into her mouth. Our tongues met, not gently but in a rush of passion, she sucked on my tongue and I thought I would lose it.
My heart was racing, it felt as if it would jump out of my chest, her mouth tasted so good. A faint hint of fine wine, mmmm. And then her tongue probed my mouth, seeking my tongue, wrapping itself around mine, our mouths wrestled, saliva ran down our cheeks, we sucked the air out of each other, paused for breath and then continued to devour ourselves.
I felt her hand move to my leg, gripping my thigh, those red nails biting into me through my pants. The pain was wonderful, a rush of sensations. I moved my hand to her blouse and pulled it aside and slid my hand inside of her bra, lifting one of those beautiful breasts free of its holder. Free mature incest stories The nipple was fully erect, standing out, proud, and large. I kissed her neck as my fingers grasped that nipple and rolled it between them.
I felt her body shudder as I squeezed, “harder” she gasped, I squeezed more, and she let out a moan that nearly caused my to cum, it was so powerful and erotic. I felt her hand on my head, moving me towards her breasts and I willingly followed. My mouth watered at the thought of getting that nipple in my mouth.
I could smell that perfume between her breasts and it drove me nuts, I popped that nipple into my hungry mouth and started suckling like a baby, “Bite me,” she whispered and I took that nipple between my teeth and gently bit it, pulling it away from her, stretching it out, her head went back and I felt her hand searching, and finding the head of my cock. Aaahh, my pants had a wet spot, and she found it with those fingers.
She began rubbing me through my pants, in just that place, I had to concentrate on her to keep from losing it… oohh it felt unbelievably good.
I glanced down from my sucking and saw that the leather skirt was fully up to her waist, and those red panties had a wet spot of their own, right in the center, and it was spreading. I dropped my head lower and put my lips right on that spot, I sucked and got a fabulous tongue load of pussy honey, so sweet.
Her legs moved apart, and her hips raised, I put a finger in the elastic of her panties, the leg part, and pulled it aside, revealing a shaved pussy, so smooth, and inviting. Juices were pouring from it, which just whetted my appetite more, I move to her clit and spread those naked lips. Her clit was like a pearl in an oyster, glistening, pulsing. My mouth could not resist, my tongue ached for more.
I clamped that wet clit between my teeth, with the tip of my tongue I found that tiny little spot, that sensitive place where every woman’s nerves end, and in Autumn’s case, very sensitive nerves. Free mature incest stories When my tongue tip touched it was as if a bolt of lightening hit her, her hips thrust forward nearly burying me in her.
The heady, musky scent of her womanhood gushed into my nostrils and it nearly made me cum from the excitement. I sucked on that clit and brought my fingers into play, placing two of them into that hot pink pussy hole, they slid in on a river of juices, she was gushing so much it was smeared all over the leather seat, mmmmm.
I could feel every ripple and crevice in that wet cavern… I touched the tip of her uterus, that sensitive mushroom in the deep recesses of her body. All she did was squirm and moan more… and I loved it, I was intoxicated by her, I could not get enough of her. I pumped my fingers in and out in concert with my clit- sucking and flicking, she let out a constant deep moan, punctuated with a whispered, “Yes, yes.”
My tongue needed that pussy and I dragged it from that blazing hot clit to her waiting hole, and I plunged it inside, the honey flowed into my mouth and down my throat, what I couldn’t drink ran down my cheeks. Free mature incest stories My wet, sticky fingers found her beautiful ass, and I spread her milky white cheeks in search of that tight pink hole, mmm.
As my tongue began lapping that pussy my dripping finger began rubbing her anus, around and around, slowly loosening that muscle, until I could run a finger into that warm tube, “Ohhhh!!” she shouted as my knuckle passed by that tense circle, and her body stiffened. But her hand on the back of my head told me that she was REALLY enjoying this, and so was I.
I finger-fucked her ass and tongued her pussy and enjoyed the bucking of her hips, and then I could feel it, this tightening of her pussy walls on my tongue, the clamping of her ass muscle on my finger, her back arched, her breasts heaved as a storm at sea, the pressure on my head from her hand was driving me into that smooth pussy, she head her breath and let it out with a rush, and then she let out a SCREAM that echoed off of the garage walls, a scream of ecstasy and I swear she spurted in my mouth,
She came, the most glorious orgasm that I have ever had the pleasure of participating in, and I kept it going by moving back to her clit, by blowing on that sensitive bud, by touching it until she was in agony and then backing off, by milking it, flicking it, teasing it. Her body jerked in response to all of those after-orgasm waves of pleasure that only sensuous women enjoy, it was a sight to behold.
I moved back, she had slumped in the seat, her breath coming in deep gasps, those liquid eyes almost closed, her was gazing into infinity, I kept my hand on that pussy, and I could feel it pulsing, it was like an animal, it was alive with sensations, and the music played quietly.
Our breath had condensed on the Ferrari windows, it was as if we were in our own world, isolated from the universe, time had ceased for us. Free mature incest stories In a few minutes she began to stir, she sat up and without saying a word, leaned over and began licking the still wet pussy juice from my cheeks, moving her tongue to my mouth, licking around my lips before forcing herself inside. Of course I didn’t resist. As she sucked my tongue I felt her hands, both hands undoing my belt and opening my trousers, a button, and then the fly, and then those long, limber fingers found the top of my briefs, which were bulging to the point of failure and were very wet.
She ran a finger inside and touched the head of my cock, it was very sticky with pre-cum which had not stopped flowing from the moment she had touched me, it seemed like days ago. That touch snapped my head back, I was as sensitive as I have ever been, God, that felt fantastic.
I raised my hips and she deftly slid my pants and briefs down to my knees, I had the seat full back so my cock sprouted from my crotch like the shift lever. She did all of this while her tongue and mine were wrestling inside each other’s mouths, mmmmm. Free mature incest stories
I felt her hand encircle my rigid piece, and she began stroking me, down the veined shaft, to the head, then back down the shaft. She would pause just below the head and squeeze, oohhh, I can’t tell you how many times I could feel myself starting to cum, but she would move on at just the right moment, letting me savor the approach.
Her other hand found my balls and she was gently massaging them, one at a time, and I obliged my sliding down so she had full access. Her breasts brushed my chest and through my shirt I could feel those still-hard nipples. I broke free from her lips and dropped my head to her breasts and again began suckling, and she responded by increasing her pumping of my cock.
She forcefully pushed me back from her nipples and hungrily dropped her head to my lap, I felt my iron-bar cock enter her mouth, her hot breath on my balls, “Oh Autumn” I involuntary shouted as her lips closed around me and her head went all the way to my pubic hairs. That glorious tongue wrapped itself around my dick and she sucked me until I thought I’d disappear into that fabulous mouth. Her head bobbed in my lap, her teeth grazed along my shaft and teased my cock-head, aaahhh.
I was helpless… weak, she had complete control… it was incredible. As with her hand, her mouth knew how to bring me to the brink of cumming and let me sink back, my mind was a whirl of lights, I was in another world, one of exotic pleasure. Free mature incest stories And Autumn was my tour guide. Then she moved her hands to her panties and in a swift move tore them off, actually broke the slim straps holding those tiny cloth patches together.
In the confines of that Ferrari she climbed over the console, faced me with her back against the steering wheel, and lowered herself on my engorged cock, her knees straddling my thighs, AAAHHHH, the feel of that hot pussy slowly sliding down my sensitive shaft was beyond description.
I was fully buried in her, we were fused together, we were like a single body. The closeness of the car brought us together. I had her nipples right where I could suck to my hearts content, and then I felt her pussy contracting and moving, she was fucking me without even moving, those vagina muscles were jacking me off, caressing my cock as if it were her hand or mouth, and it was clear that she was getting pleasure too, her hips were grinding on mine, her breathing was in rhythm with mine, our eyes were locked, staring right into each other’s core.
Try as I might to make the pleasure last, I was going to lose it, I wasn’t going to be able to hold on any longer, that pussy, those breasts… those eyes… I could feel this pressure… I swear it began in my toes… it was like a freight train rushing in my body, and she knew it too.
Maybe it was my cock swelling that extra amount as climax gets closer, or maybe it was my unintelligible moaning and groaning, but she knew I was on my way. She raised herself off of me just enough to remove my cock from her pussy, then her began humping the cock-head, rubbing it on her clit, which was a big as a grape and wet as it has ever been.
I could tell that she was as ready as I was and neither of us could stop it now, our hearts were about to jump out of our chests.. she was stroking and rubbing me.. using me as her personal dildo, and then it was all over AAAHHHHHH, I climaxed in a giant wad of hot CUM. It shot all over her clit and pussy and blouse, and she climaxed at the same time, her head hit the Ferrari roof and she didn’t even know it, she was in such passion. Free mature incest stories
I rocketed a second and a third shot of lava, white and sticky, it ran down my legs and her thighs, I had never cum so much in my life, my balls ached from the explosion. And she kept on rubbing that gooey head against that incandescent clit and I pulsed until I was drained, I was positively exhausted from the effort. And she obviously had cum as well and was savoring the afterglow, we were speechless.
She smiled that coy smile, dipped a finger into a pool of cum and put it into her mouth, she licked it off, and then we kissed, long and hard, I gladly tasted my cum on her tongue and felt its texture on my lips.
We just sat and let out heartbeats come out of orbit. “Autumn,” I gasped. “That was the most incredible thing I’ve ever experienced.”
She just smiled more and moved back to the passenger’s seat. Free mature incest stories We were a mess… cum and saliva and pussy honey everywhere… the smell was wonderful. I told her to hang on for a minute while I got a towel from my gym bag in the trunk, we should try to clean up. With shaky legs I got out of the Ferrari and retrieved the towel.
When I got back into the car, she was gone. And when I looked around the garage I was the only car there. And there in the foot-well were these red torn panties. And to this day she has never left my mind.

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