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My wife is not a perfect size 3, her tits do not point straight up. Her legs and ass are not muscular and she does not look like she is 21 years old. She is real, 41 years old, her legs are a little thicker and her butt has filled out nicely and those big tits have gotten even bigger and heavier, Erotic stories teacher 36DD.
She has put on some weight and is now described as a tall fleshy blonde, 5’8 and 175lbs. She has green eyes and a porcelain complexion. She has long legs and wide hips. But I am glad I have her and I am in love with her. However I enjoy seeing her degraded. I don’t know why but it turns me on something fierce.
We were driving home on a Tuesday night from a black tie Dinner in Chicago, my company sponsored. It was still early but my wife was already tipsy and I was a little buzzed. I had her little black dress unzipped and had her tits out. The dress was a very simple black micro mini, and it was very low cut in the front with spaghetti straps. It showed off her huge tits. The black dress looked good against her skin and it looked smaller than it was because she is a good size. Erotic stories teacher
She loved to have her nipples played with. So there we were driving along the expressway with truckers honking at the sight of her big tits. She and I were both very hot by now. But we wanted to drink a little more. So we decided to stop for one more drink.
We stopped at a little bar that I had done some remodeling work a couple of weeks earlier. It was a little neighbor hood corner bar in a seedy part of town.
We drank for at least another hour, most of the low- lifes in it giving her the eye, she showed a lot of leg sitting on that bar stool and was enjoying the attention she was getting. I was drunk when we left, so I know she definitely was.
I started thinking about a fantasy I had been having more and more lately. I wanted to see her degraded and used. She was very submissive and always obedient to me.
Tonight for instance I wanted her to go braless and with out panties to the dinner and she did, even though she was self conscience all night. I had made her dress slutty on a number of occasions and she had complied even though it drove her to tears to be seen like that. So tonight, drunk and Horney I had the Hot idea that I would give her to some bum to fuck and use as he wanted..
Not far from the little bar there was a park that I would not have hung around at during the day time. At night it was populated by drunks, drug addicts and guys just looking for trouble. Erotic stories teacher I drove to the park
I circled the park a couple of times before I spotted what I was looking for. Two black men were sitting in front of the parks bathrooms drinking out of a paper bag. They looked to be 40, but they could have been 30, hard living could have made them look older. They were dressed in ragged old dress clothes. My wife rose out of her stupor to ask what we were doing here.
I told her I wanted to watch her being fucked. She looked stunned, even in her condition. I stopped the car and got out. I opened her door to let her out. She looked at me with sad drunken eyes and simply said, “NO!” more pleading then demanding it.
I helped her out of the car and began walking her over to where the two men where. As we got closer they noticed us or I should say they noticed her. She was pulling at her dress trying to keep it from riding up as we walked, making it even shorter. She leaned over and asked me what I was going to do. I told her I wanted to see her being fucked by them and I nodded in their direction. Like a little girl she said, “Please, NO!” But I kept walking.
The two black men where standing waiting for us as we walked up to them. One of them went OWWWEEE as she stood right in front of them. Even drunk I was a bit nervous and unsure of what I was going to say. She fidgeted uneasily and moved closer to my side. She knew they were checking out her cleavage and she tried to close the front of her dress, I held her hand and pulled it away.
One of the guys moved closer to her and I could smell the sweat and alcohol. That is one fine woman you got there as he checked her out he kept and eye on me. I laughed and said, “Yes she is. Erotic stories teacher I think she needs a new experience. Do you think you could give her one?”
The other guy moved in now and placed his arm around her waist. Man we could show her a really good time. I could see her eyes were like a scared deer as she was now sandwiched between the two. I smiled and said, “That was what I was hoping you might say.”
With that he slipped his hand in through the front of her dress and cupped her breast. She looked at me to see if I would make this stop but I was to excited to halt now. The other guy lifted her little dress in the back and checked out her ass. They led her into the men’s bathroom and I followed. She stood there while they unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor.
My head was spinning, seeing my big beautiful wife standing there naked except for her heels in a men’s bathroom, those big tits and white skin contrasted against these black men’s hands that were all over her. They rubbed her big tits and suckled them and gave her deep kisses. Grabbing the back of her head so she could not pull away, they explored her mouth with their tongues. They ran their hands over her entire body and between her legs. They fingered her clit and she moved into them even though I knew she was trying not to. Her body was letting her down.
Finally they bent her forward and dropped their pants. I watched as one black stranger pulled out an unbelievable cock, it was enormous, he took that fat cock and guided the head to my wife’s glistening lips. He spread her legs open then guided the knob into her pussy. I watched as that enormous black tube worked its way into her. Slowly he rocked back and forth, each time giving her more, until he had his entire cock buried to his balls.
With each thrust after that he was burying it deep into her pussy, I could hear the slurping noise it made each time he pulled out and rammed back in. He fucked my wife like he was humping a dog. He was, she was his bitch. He was punishing her burying it without caring if he were hurting her. Erotic stories teacher It is a good thing that she is a big woman and could handle that horse cock as he repeatedly pulled it out and rammed it back in.
The other black had a normal size cock, 7 inches or so and solid, he was trying to force it all the way down my wife’s throat. I could hear her gagging as he grabbed her by her hair and pulled her to him forcing more and more cock into her mouth. When he could not force it in any further he began fucking her throat almost as rough as the black in her pussy. His hips were gyrating back and forth and he gagged her over and over.
She was trapped between the two of them. She pulled back away from the one fucking her mouth and pushed herself deeper into the huge cock trying to rip her apart, if she pulled forward away from the horse cock she helped shove the other cock deeper down her throat.
She finally just rocked with both of them, letting pleasure take over from the fear. Erotic stories teacher I stood there and watched as my sweet, obedient wife was being ravished by two black bums. Her pendulous tits swaying crazily side to side and crashing into each other with every thrust from either of them was mesmerizing. Their Black skin against her white skin was deliciously deviant.
Finally they all exploded almost at the same time. The guy in back locked up first and grabbed her by her hips, pulling himself in as deep as he could while he spasmed his cum deep inside of my wife. This triggered her orgasm as she too locked up and stiffened as she felt his cum being sprayed deep inside her. And the other grabbed her by the sides of her head and pulled and wouldn’t let her back away while he shot his load deep into her throat. When they let go she came up coughing and spitting out spunk. As he pulled out of her stretched pussy he pulled out a load of cum which dripped out of her pussy and onto the floor.
She was just catching her breath when they reversed roles and started on her all over again. The difference was she could not get more than half of the big guys cock in her mouth. He tried as hard as he could to shove it in deeper. Once again they both cummed in her then let her go.
They leaned back on the walls and smiled and joked with each other than pulled out their bag with the whiskey. They passed it to each other than offered it to my wife, she started to say no but I told her to take a good drink. Her legs gave out and she slumped to the floor of the filthy public bathroom. Erotic stories teacher Naked and spread eagle on the floor with no regards to the urine and cum now mixed with the mud her hair and body was lying on she closed and eyes and passed out.
After a short moment she started to get up and reach for her dress but I stopped her and told her to lay there and wait to see if they were done. I asked them if they were done. They smiled and asked if they could do it again. I said, “Sure, she’s yours as long as you can still get hard.”
With that they laughed and this time they fucked her right were she lay. The big black raised her legs and put one on either side of his head and laid down on top of her, forcing that big thick cock deep into her sloppy pussy. This time I could hear her ass slapping the floor with each thrust. She no longer fought against it but moved up to take it all. The second black lay across her head and fed her his cock, which she sucked automatically.
When they were down she lay on the floor in a daze while the men and I talked. They wanted to know if I would bring her back and I told them I would. They asked if they could bring some friends and I said, “Sure.” I let her get dressed and we left.
She sobbed all the way home and asked me why? I told her that I loved her deeply but I needed her to do this for me. She looked at me and I told her the truth. If she did not leave me over this I planned on slutting her out to black strangers over and over until they no longer wanted her. Erotic stories teacher There would be nothing degrading I wouldn’t make her do and I would allow them to have her in any way they wanted.
She was quite for awhile then with tears in her eyes she said, “I love you too and if this will make you happy I will do whatever you want.”
I smiled at her and at the thoughts I was already thinking. I would take her back to the park countless times and each time I would watch my lovely wife being used and degraded by black drunks and bums.

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