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My husband and I have most things in common but not my love for techno music, dancing and raves. So for almost the first three years of our relationship, I experienced those things without him. When I went to raves, which was about every other weekend, it was a girls’ night out. He was cool about that but I still felt bad that he wasn’t interested in sharing a big part of my social life with me. Dirty adult stories
Then one night when I was getting ready to go to a rave he surprised me by saying that he wanted to go with me. He explained that he knows how much I love raves and that he wanted to see me do something that I love. So he got in the van with me, Kim and Donna and Britney. We drove to a far out of the way warehouse about 30 miles from Louisville.
Right after we got inside, Kim, Donna and I stripped. My husband’s eyes popped out in excitement and surprise while staring at me. He had no idea that I dance nude and in just a few seconds, I saw a big bulge in his pants! I wasn’t worried about him seeing Kim, Donna or any of the other girls there nude. Except for Britney, who is half black and half white, every woman there except me was white and my husband isn’t into girls of his race! He is only hot for women of color and I was the only one there. I’m about as black as you can get and none of the other women there even had a decent tan except Britney, who doesn’t dance nude, so I knew I’d have 100% of his attention!
After I took my pants off, I put my shoes and socks back on and he looked disappointed because he has a foot fetish but I was going to be dancing on a concrete surface and I can’t do that barefooted without my feet hurting badly!
The music started just a few minutes later and I instantly started dancing. Usually I dance all over the floor but this time, I stayed near my husband, who was standing by a wall, near the entrance. Before that, I usually didn’t think of dancing as sexual, just a great combination of fun and exercise. But seeing how turned on he was, I decided to make it sexual. Dirty adult stories I danced erotically just a few feet away from him.
Because I was 36 at the time and have been a fat, lazy, one-pack-a-day-smoker as long as I’ve known him, he was shocked that I could move around so well. He’s athletic and an exercise freak and has tried many times to get me to go running with him. He told me that the way I eat, he’s surprised I’m not a lot fatter than I am. Seeing for the first time how I dance, he learned why!
I shook my body all around, pushing my knees up to my chest, waving my arms, bobbing my head from side to side and letting my flabs of fat, especially my full 46DDs, shake like jello! And several times I thrust my shaved cunt and my ass in his direction!
I could tell by the look on his face that he was in a total state of ecstasy. He looked very tense and wanted to be all over me. But he stood there and watched while I put on an individual show for him as if I were a dancer at a strip club. Dancing sexually got me turned on and the more I saw my husband was hot, the more I got hot, too.
After a while, I noticed that he was making slight fucking motions. The bulge in his pants was sticking straight up and I figured out that the head of his white 7-inch fuckstick was between the elastic waist of his underpants and his belly. I soon noticed from the look on his face that he was coming and saying something. The music was so loud that I couldn’t have heard a word he said but I could read his lips. He slowly and sensually repeated over and over “Ebony, Ebony” (Ebony is his nickname for me) while shooting his load on himself and his clothes.
A few minutes after that, Kim, Donna and I went out, without getting dressed, to take a cigarette break. Dirty adult stories My husband doesn’t smoke but went out with us. It was so dark outside that we needed to use our cigarette lighters just to see around. Kim and Donna went back in right when they finished smoking but my husband asked me to stay outside with him for a few minutes.
He took me by the hand, walked me over to our van, pushed me against it and went after me hard. We started French kissing like maniacs while roughly grabbing and caressing each other’s bodies. I felt from his pants and shirt rubbing against my body that he had come a lot. Then I reached in and grabbed his fuckstick, which was already hard again, and realized his load had been even bigger than I realized. It was a lot even for him.
After just a few seconds of making out while leaning on the van, he opened the door, grabbed me by the hair, jerked my ear up to his lips and forcefully whispered “Get in the van, take off your shoes and socks, go to the backseat, get down on all fours and get your ass up in the air.”
I’m a totally sub and he’s a total dom, so I eagerly obeyed his commandment and while I was doing that, he went up to the front of the van and turned on the overhead light. He’s very visually turned on and gets into sex more when he can see my body clearly. While I was waiting for his arrival, my already dripping wet cunt burned in anticipation for his fuckstick, especially because I was about to get it in doggy style, which is my both my husband’s and my favorite position. Dirty adult stories I love the stimulation I get from it and he loves looking down at my ass, the back of my thighs and the bottom of my feet.
When he got to the back seat, he stripped completely in just about 10 seconds. But before he entered me, he spread my ass apart as far as he could and ran his tongue up and down my crack until he’d licked up all the sweat. He loves the taste of my butt sweat and his tongue made lots of slurping noises. He had never had a chance to lick up so much butt sweat at once before! After all that dancing, a lot built up there between those fat cheeks!
I liked getting licked there but was going through major fuck withdrawal, so I used his foot fetish to my advantage. I shifted all my weight to my right knee – the one by the back rest of the seat – and moved back my left foot and used the bottom of it to rub his fuckstick. My foot quickly got him even more excited and he entered me in just a few seconds! Dirty adult stories
Having fucked me over 1,000 times, he knows my body completely and, as he always does, he hit my G-spot with every thrust, both in and out. I instantly had a small orgasm and knew that was just the beginning. Every time the head of his fuckstick hit my G-spot, I felt a little more pleasure build up inside my body.
I kept getting more and more tense. “Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit,” I kept sensually repeating over and over as I got shorter and shorter of breath. The more pleasure I got, the more I became unaware of my surroundings and I felt just like a cheap, dirty, nympho whore. At that moment, I didn’t care about and wasn’t even aware of anything other than fulfilling my insatiable sexual appetite and my husband was the same way. Unlike me, he wasn’t saying anything, but his breathing was very deep, like mine. And sweat built up heavily between us. And I was glad he had come right before we walked out of the warehouse because that meant he could now hold it longer.
Finally, after a few minutes of relentless pounding that kept getting faster and rougher, I felt that I was about to go over the edge. Dirty adult stories I knew that at any second I was about to have an orgasm as fantastic as I ever had. My shouting of “Oh shit” continued and was getting much louder.
Finally it hit. “SHIT!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. I lost my sight and every little bit of my big body was filled with as much physical pleasure as humanly possible. My cunt opened up wide and gushed out come like a faucet. I completely lost control of my body and shook violently. I started to collapse onto the seat but my husband held me up and kept pounding away.
As the orgasm went on, I stopped saying “shit” and just screamed hysterically and my husband started pounding as fast as possible. When I come like that, he tries hard to come with me. He usually succeeds and this time was no exception.
He fingers were already dug deep into my ass and thighs and suddenly they got so tight that I thought he was going to start tearing my thick, black skin. Then I knew he was going to start coming any second. Since he had started fucking me, he hadn’t said a word but when he started coming, he shouted “That’s it, Ebony, come on my fuckstick, you big, hot, fat, black, cunt fuck.” And he shot me the biggest load I’ve ever gotten from his second come of a day. My orgasm lasted about two minutes and his for about one. Dirty adult stories His ran out first but he still kept pounding me until mine faded out.
When I stopped coming, he instantly let go of me and I fell hard onto the seat, completely exhausted. My sight had returned but I was so tired I closed my eyes. After partly catching my breath, I smiled and in a very tired but very excited and happy voice, I said “Shit!” He then lay on top of me with his now soft fuckstick resting between my ass cheeks. He put his hands underneath my arm pits and cupped them around my shoulders and gently kissed me over and over on my shoulders, neck and face.
Neither of us said another word until we left the warehouse to go home a few hours later. After we completely re-gained our breath, he got dressed and I put my shoes and socks back on. We went back inside and until the sun came up, he watched me as I danced with our come dripping down my legs. Dirty adult stories
That night, my husband learned what he’d been missing and I’ve learned how erotic dancing can be! And ever since then, whenever I’ve gone to a rave, he’s usually come with me in more ways than one!

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