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You could hear the calming whispers of the air passing by our windows, exhaling into our mouths, my wife’s in particular. The October birds and plants were abound on either sides of the road, and the ominous blue and purple hue of the sunset was painted across the waking starry night sky. The gentle tapping of jeweled earrings against my wife’s ears as she rested her head against the window now only opened half way. Her red velvet lips reflecting highlights of white skylight, and her face lit by the fading sun. You could just smell the pure intoxicating aroma of plants, grass, leaves, trees, passing through our windows in combination with strong, high class, perfume of an exotic and gorgeous woman, as we became a wisp sound in the distance. Couple sex stories
The road seemed unnaturally clear and straight, leading us in the direction of the new location of the Comic and Anime convention. I, personally, had only indulged in comics and anime when I was a kid in high school and college. My wife, on the other hand, had savored the nostalgia for a special weekend that came once every year: the convention.
The Year: 20XX
The Place: Manhattan, NY, USA
My wife, a real woman of her own right, had tailored and fitted her own Jean Grey costume as the Phoenix from X- Men. Most men and women would inquire about her physique and fitness upon first glance, but her true strength is in her charm and charisma. She walks with dignity and acquainted majesty along with seductive and almost conciliated flirtatious magma. She is an older woman, I will say she is under the age of 40, and always dresses and carries herself with the weight of a true female; confidence and dripping with carnal tastes.
She does not think of herself in regards to her age, she acknowledges she is a woman and she has an understanding that she can apply herself to get what she wants in life. Being Indian by nature and tradition (right down to the lingering accent) has made her an exotic fruit in the states. Most call her “busty.” Couple sex stories Unlike the stereotype, she takes care of herself in every sense: She uses expensive and professional creams and moisturizers and the latest cosmetics and makeup.
She shaves in all the right areas, down and around. She smells intoxicating on every smooth lightly tanned surface on her body, and her figure, despite her motorcycle accident last year, has been kept fit and curvaceous. Her breasts, although larger than her cosplay character’s, fit her figure nicely, though she has at times needed to use a back and waist strap for support while at home. Many times while in the city of New York we’ve encountered barrages of wandering hands, some more forward than others, approach and wander the curves of her bottom.
I have to admit even I find her irresistible at times when I see her unbuttoning her work dress or when she unzips her outfits. There is a subtlety to her disposition; the way she walks, stands, holds and touches things all relay back to me as erotic. She knows how much of a woman she is and she knows that any man of any age will try to get a chance to be with her. That’s why she likes the more fun challenge of young “nerds.”
We are in the car, already late to the convention, but for good reason. We had decided to check out the local bars around in case we wanted to head over after the con, and she, being the opportunist she is, found sanctuary in the firm grip of the bouncer to an exclusive club in the neighborhood on her firm ass.
She manipulated him easily into getting us on the VIP list for the exclusive club the weekend, and as a thank you gift she pressed her tight but voluptuously and curvaceously plump body against his tight buff bouncer body along with a long and seductive kiss that would make a man’s heart, along with his pants, go hard. As they pulled their lips apart from the wet pressure of the kiss my wife exhaled in deep breaths.
Adding to her sly seductive look in her eyes as she walked away from him she elegantly licked her bottom lip with the tip of her tongue and swung her long black glamorous hair back as she took my hand and I led us out to the car. Couple sex stories Before I unlocked the car I pulled out a pack of cigarettes, lit one, and inhaled calmly and patiently. The warm toxic smoke snaked down my throat into my lungs and warmed my chest.
As I exhaled I could feel the dispersing heat of my breath into the colder night air against my lips. I couldn’t help but grin as I catered to myself in that moment of post-pleasure. I turned and saw a look of bereavement on my wife’s face with modest puppy dog eyes. I handed her the cigarette and she began a similar routine as I had. Though she does not actively smoke cigarettes, if the occasion calls for it she will from time to time politely ask for one to embrace a higher level of a naturally pleasing moment.
You could see the reflection of the cigarette’s flame on her lips as she limply held the fag with both lips. When she was done she discretely slid the tip of her tongue around the curvature of the back of the cigarette in her mouth and then flicked it with her wrist onto the ground. I unlocked the doors and we got back in the car. In the car she changed into her costume, whereas before she had been wearing a black and red elegant dinner/dancing dress, slightly more high class than the bar was accustomed to.
My wife began undressing herself at a relaxed pace. Her physical movements and flashing glances let me know she was hungry. For the record I, too, am very well kept. I am clean and trimmed usually in the right places and I do not, as most white men and women think, “smell like curry” or smell of anything less than alpha male prowess and expensive cologne. Couple sex stories I may not have as smooth of skin as my wife, but I do have, also contrary to the stereotype, a thick and large meat hidden away in my pants. My wife may fondle with other men, but she worships my body, and especially my thick cock. If she had an Achilles heel it would be my dick.
She has some fascination with it in that she can only have it when I let her, but anyone else in the world would let her have theirs in an instant. My wife begins to take off her undershirt when she bites her lip and I look back at the road with one hand on the wheel and the other on her leg. I feel her hand, her elongated fingernails painted green for the occasion, stretch out and scratch against my pants on my leg moving closer to the center of my lap. I glance at her from the corner of my eye and see that coy and needy look on her face as her eyes are bolted onto the bulge in my pants. Her hand continues to wander.
You could hear the buzzing of night insects like grasshoppers and dragon flies, and the same natural, green, Eden-like scent pass through your face and hair as the car continued on its route to the con. I realized at some point my wife had undone my belt and zipper, opening a way to the thick fun meat stick she wanted so badly. Her anticipation was almost too much, as was mine. I took her by the hair, holding her head with my hand, and forced her head onto my lap. Our car is spacious enough that she can lay on her side with her chest and head mostly facing upwards in my lap and not be uncomfortable.
She pulled my cock out of my pants with her tongue alone and wrapped her tongue around the very tip. With her body so close now I could smell the strong aroma of her perfume and it was even more arousing. Couple sex stories My wife, a light skinned Indian woman mind you, was now giggling right below me in my lap, smiling with a genuine look of naughty playfulness, with my cock growing inside her mouth. Her tongue writhed into my foreskin while still inside her mouth and she sucked on my cock while she licked at it from within the foreskin.
She put her hand into my pants and began holding and playing with my sack while she continued to deep throat my cock as I drove us to the Comic and Anime Convention. I tried to pay attention to the road but I was too overly excited to pass on looking her over. She was a beautiful sight, being so engulfed in having my cock and balls, as hairy as they were so close to her mouth and body. Her breasts were so close to my cock, and unfortunately I had not shaved my pubic region in a while due to forgetfulness, that the hair around my cock was being pressed between the back of her wrist and her cleavage.
Her undershirt, basically a white tank top, was showing her now erect nipples on her fantastic breasts. I held her face down on my cock, feeling her wet and made up lips and face meet my body’s skin, her nose and eyes being pressed against my skin just under my bellybutton, pulling her hair tight around her head and forcing her to go down hard as my cock entered the entirety of her throat.
One of her hands was pinching her nipple and sliding back and forth across her cleavage and chest, even twirling my pubic hair at times, the other explored my balls, rolling her fingers around and between them, feeling underneath them and between my balls and my leg, exploring every part of my body in my pants out of pure worship to my subjection. When I thought she had been down there long enough I pulled her head back by her hair and she spewed out my cock, without spilling a drop of saliva or pre-cum, gasping greatly for air to breath.
I pinched one of her nipples to play with her now overly sensitive body and she dully, almost in like a drunken stupor, flicked my hand away after I had already pinched her. She had drooled a bit on her chest, slippery drips of pre-cum and saliva sliding in between her breasts. To preserve the dryness of her clothing she wiped all the white fluid into her skin as if it were a daily skin regiment.
My wife is very good with her body and features, and it is that mastery of beauty that allows her to do such filthy things with me and still look dashing afterwards. Couple sex stories By the time we arrived at the convention she had cleaned her hair and makeup up and was fully dressed in her costume. We pulled up to the parking lot and I opened my door, walked to the other side, and held her hand up as I led her out of the car.
With such a tight costume her ass and tits, in complete form, were visible to everyone around her. A mother across the street, walking her child to the convention, covered her son’s eyes and led him at faster pace inside the convention center. The building itself was huge, and I knew my wife would get many great stares and touches from people all around. I knew by her walk, reminiscent of a runway type walk, stepping almost one foot in front of the next that she was fully confident in her body and what would happen during the day.
As we passed large crowds of people who had regular passes we saw many eyes staring hard at my wife from head to toe. It was night now, the stars were out, and we knew no one made moves out in the open outside of the convention normally, so we headed to the VIP entrance. We walked by the security by the VIP doors and I flashed our identification slips. When we entered we were welcomed with an immense 5 level building with sections for both anime and comic conventions. There were people of many ages, ranging from teenagers to 50 year olds.
My wife took me by the hand and led me through the overflowing crowd of attendees. I looked down at her body through the waves of arms and legs to see if anyone would bite, and I was right. A couple of boys, probably around the ages of 17 to 21, were crowding around my wife as she pulled me along. Couple sex stories They were taller boys, but definitely young, one even had freckles. But they were not the type of boys my wife was truly interested in meeting, but she never let go a little appetizer before her main course.
As we walked through the diverse stampede of anime and comic character outfits, some even video game references, the troupe of boys circling us moved closer in to my wife. One boy was pointing to the other behind my wife’s back while she spoke with the others in front of her. I couldn’t make out what they were saying but they were very animated about taking everyone somewhere. The tallest boy was wearing a dark blue baseball cap, had red hair and freckles, and an Iron Man t-shirt.
He and a tall Korean boy, wearing a black biker jacket and a brown shirt underneath, were the ones discussing behind my wife’s back. In front of her were 2 somewhat shorter Spanish boys, both wearing X-Men t-shirts, one Black boy who looked like he stereotypically worked out playing basketball, and a blond-haired blue-eyed boy who was wearing an X-Factor t-shirt. The thing I liked most about these boys was that they obviously were working together on a scheme.
To the casual observer it was more obvious, but to my wife she was just indulging in small talk with the boys in front as we pressed through the crowd to go to her first event of the day. Couple sex stories The Black boy was being especially charismatic with my wife, occasionally putting his hand on her arm or holding her hand when pleading with her to go with them somewhere. Eventually, after my eyes returned to my wife after having looked around at the magnificent women and men around us, the Korean boy was now in front with his arm around my wife’s waist.
He was acting very sly, making small talk that sounded only slightly suggestive to the casual observer. Meanwhile the red haired boy, still walking behind my wife and in front of me, with his left hand on my wife’s back, was carefully trying to slide his hand down into the bottom section of her costume. Obviously he was trying to put his hand down her pants and touch her ass. The crowd was so crazy and fast in pace that no one would notice except for me. Couple sex stories
We finally arrived at the artist’s alley on the fourth floor, which by this hour had been packed up and closed. All that remained were some groups of high school kids sitting and talking with one another and empty booths. To remain inconspicuous I let them continue walking, and I followed closely behind but casually so as not to draw attention. They banked around a corner, just past the men’s restrooms, now huddled together tightly.
I saw no one was really around, and my wife and her caretakers were out of sight just around that corner, so I took out my pack of cigarettes and lit a fresh joint I had prerolled earlier that day. I finished about half of it, unsure how much time had passed, then put it out and stashed it away for later. Couple sex stories By now I saw no one except 1 small group of maid cafe girls sitting against the walls near the escalators, probably waiting to meet their friends, and suspiciously a blond boy wearing an X- Factor shirt standing by the door looking back and forth between the huge auditorium room and the escalators.
I recognized him and remembered I was with my wife earlier. I waited for the blond boy to sit down and rest, lowering his attention to the room, to peak around the corner as though I were about to go to the men’s room. My wife was there, just barely shorter than the rest of the thin yet tall group of young boys, with one of the boys holding her hand down their pants and the boy across from her holding her face to his lips making out with her.
It was the Korean boy who was making out with my wife, holding her face close to his. My wife was leaning over somewhat in my direction though she did not know I was there. She moaned and I noticed there was the Black boy behind her with that “look” that boys get when they are having a new sexual experience at a young age. That face that is somewhat filled with bewilderment and over excitement. I had no doubt he was rubbing his hard-on in his pants over my wife’s tight ass.
I could see down her cleavage from this angle, and her necklace was hanging from her neck just in front of her full breasts. The red haired boy was holding my wife’s wrist in his pants, moving her hand up and down with a firm grip on her. Suddenly the Korean boy stopped kissing her and pushed her from her belly against the wall. Couple sex stories She was barely taken aback with a flirtatious grin on her face, biting her bottom lip. The Korean boy took her wrists while the other boys watched. He held her hands above her head with one hand and pulled out a Swiss army knife with the other. I was watching idly by just across from them out of their view.
My wife was squirming sexily with her hips rubbing back and forth against the carpeted wall. Even I could hear her ass rubbing against those fibers. The boy moved his hand with the knife just under the start of her top half of her costume, but she quickly took out her hand from his grip and held his wrist in the air. The boy looked shocked. “No… I like this outfit.” My wife said with a whisper of her lips looking him gently and seductively in the eyes. She let go of his wrist and slid her hand over his arm, to his chest, over his flat belly and into his black jean pants. The Korean boy put his knife away and moved in closer to my wife, with her hand pressed between her body and his cock in his pants. The boy started viciously making out with my wife, sliding his hands down her sides and over her hips.
I now had a raging hard-on in my pants, pulsating, and I had unconsciously started rubbing my hand over it outside my pants. I looked around the room from where I was standing, I was in the perfect place to observe the room just by peaking out my head a bit I could look around and barely be noticed. Couple sex stories
The room was barren except one young maid cafe girl who was now being chatted up by the blonde boy with the X- Factor t-shirt. The girl looked flustered and nervous but not uncomfortable, these boys weren’t amateurs. I looked back at the action around the corner across from me at my wife and the boys. I felt that sudden rush of unease in my stomach as I saw her on her knees on the floor, her face blocked by the Korean boy’s ass. He was gripping her head and moving his hips back and forth comfortably but with some force. He was face fucking her.
I smiled… this guy had guts. The black boy had one of her hands on his cock which was out of his pants now, it was an uncut cock and I could make out against his dark skinned dick the smegma that was rubbing all over my wife’s hands. She was wearing jewelry, earrings, a necklace that I had gotten her in Italy, and her wedding ring that was now being scrubbed with this black boys cock. It was always a turn on to see her being used in that way, let alone from boys who were uncontrollably horny.
I could see her chest heaving greatly as she was trying to breathe with the boys cock in her mouth that must have meant his cock was quite big and long since she is a very proficient cock sucker. Her necklace swayed back and forth as the Korean boy, now taking off his jacket, he began fucking her more thoroughly and forcefully, pounding her face. I could hear her squeal a bit as the boy really shoved his cock in her throat over and over, taking his time, but so forcefully I’m sure even the cafe maid and the blonde boy could hear her squeals and the boy’s balls smacking against my wife’s chin now.
The tallest boy, the boy with freckles, had taken out his pale cock, which was very thick to my surprise, and was holding my wife’s hair in a tight grip and rubbing his cock against her face and hair and sliding it up and down her face under her chin around her neck. He wasn’t entirely hard but he was big enough that it was enjoyable for him to just degrade my wife so nonchalantly. I could imagine how she must feel, smelling all those boys cocks, feeling their cock and pre-cum on her face and hands, and being so startled with the young Korean boys forceful pushes into her throat. Couple sex stories
She was, of course, enjoying it, but I could tell she was still impressed and startled with how forward and powerful the Korean boy was being. One of the Spanish boys was on the floor, trying to get his hand into her pants to no avail. The other Spanish boy and the others talked with one another and the Korean boy and they stopped their actions on her for a moment, discussing something, like they were agreeing on what to do next with my wife. They all got up and pulled my wife up from her knees by her hair aggressively and she squealed in pain for a quick moment. Wow, these boys were rough and I loved watching it.
It looked like they were going to go somewhere else with her into the large area further into the floor away from the escalator and stairs that we entered through when I felt a hand on my shoulder.
“Sir, you can’t be up here. This area is closed.” A boy in a Comic Con/Anime Festival staff t-shirt was standing behind me. He was taller than me, muscular, and had a serious look on his face. He was black, shaved head, and held his chin high with confidence. He was obviously one of those people who worked at the convention and in return had hours they could explore the floor. Behind him, just off to his side, was the blonde boy with the X-Factor shirt, smiling. “Oh, my mistake, I was just going to use the restroom then my wife and I will leave- ” but then the blonde boy interrupted me, “You can’t be here. You have to leave. Now.”
I realized the boys were being very serious, and I didn’t want to start any trouble, so I nodded my head in agreement and they walked behind me to the escalator to make sure I left. Couple sex stories As I reached the stairs I heard my wife scream loudly in startled ecstasy. “Ooh! Ah! Uhf! NnngUH! Uhn!”
Then I could hear only quieter sounds of panting and moaning. It took me by surprise, and I looked back but the two boys who were walking me out were blocking my view of the larger area ahead at the other end of the floor. All I could make out between them was a boy on top of what I assumed was my wife on the table, but the other boys were all around her so I could not really see what was going on.
I heard some laughter and talk but nothing I could make out completely other than “bitch” and “hold her…” The two boys walking me out had a little grin on their faces and walked forward towards me, forcing me down the escalator. I stepped on the moving steps and began going down to the lower floor. Once I was on the escalator the boys closed the glass doors and the staff boy locked the door with a key. I was locked out from my wife and a bunch of boys who were practically raping her, but this would give me time to enjoy the convention and find prospective younger boys and even older men for new contacts. Couple sex stories
I went outside and around the corner of the building where all the parents who smoked would congregate and discuss their kids together. I leaned against the wall next to a woman who looked to be about 27, she was Hispanic by the looks of her hoop earrings and her jacket and leggings and the way she showed off her bust and hips.
I’m not the type of person to rely on stereotypes of people, but you know the type of woman who wears herself out in that sort of way; in the way that she likes the attention of others but is strong enough to fight off any guys who might try to take advantage of her. She had a wedding ring on, and she lit a second cigarette, her first inhale of the fag lit up her lips and eyes. You could hear that first part from her lips as she quickly pulled the cig from her lips and licked her lips briefly. Couple sex stories She moved her hips from side to side to get comfortable.
Though her breasts weren’t as large as my wife’s I still found them quite lovely. It was a bit chilly outside now that the sun had gone down and it was the time of day where there was still some light around from the sky, it wasn’t ‘dark’ just yet, but the sun was nowhere in sight and the stars weren’t completely visible yet. A blueish hue ran over everything in sight and I kept my eyes off the woman to my side as she took out her phone and expediently texted someone of interest.
She looked bored, maybe a bit frustrated. Perhaps she wasn’t getting attention from someone she wanted attention from. I had already lit my second cigarette when she went into her pocket to get a third, sucking them down like there was no tomorrow, and she pulled out an empty carton and powerlessly flung it to the ground. I offered her my already lit cigarette and she smiled coyly, in that way a girl will dangerously smile pulling her chest away from you and dropping her chin to her chest looking at you in a temptuous fashion.
She moved her lips closer to me and I put the cig in her mouth, she was pleased and smiled at me not taking her eyes off mine. I smiled back, and a cool breeze followed my smile and took out everyone’s lighters and matches just as everyone was about to light their next cig. The night had fallen around us, and the only light left was on that woman’s lips, illuminating a seductive smile and eyes burning with caged desire waiting to be unlocked and shuffled with another’s. Couple sex stories
I took the fag out of her mouth and moved my lips to hers, holding my hand cautiously on her waist just to invite her to move closer. Her lips met mine and we passionately and aggressively, though slowly, began to make out against the cement wall. One of her legs was lifting up behind me and pulling me closer, I put one hand on her leg sliding up to her ass and hip, my other hand caressed her soft neck and under her ear. I had dropped the cigarette that was now illuminating us against the wall. I heard footsteps as a few men walked closer without any words.
I looked into her eyes and saw the silhouette of men ready to join me, her eyes were soft and inviting and she would do anything right now and take it all. I parted my lips from hers, but she moved closer to me to try and hold the kissing just a little more. I looked at her and saw the shadows of the men on the wall I was holding her against. I heard a zipper either open or close, and then a few more. Then someone stepped on the lit cigarette and the lights went out. Couple sex stories
The night air gave her smooth body goosebumps and the remnants of cigarettes, that dry wavering scent of tobacco around, intoxicated the air. It was night now, dark…
I wondered what my wife was doing.

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